Risk Management

Risk Management

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Important Information

Are you a Safe Tiger? Reporting safety hazards takes little time, but yields big results in keeping our campus safe! To report a safety hazard, send an email to riskmanagement@clemson.edu. Your name will be entered in our Safe Tiger Mug drawing. See Safe Tiger Mug winners here.

If you wish to report a hazard but want to remain anonymous, go to the Ethics/Safety Line.

New OSHA Reporting Regulations for serious injury

View Clemson's Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses - OSHA 300A Log

New OSHA reporting regulations for work-related fatalities, hospitalization, amputations, or losses of an eye

Mandatory Posting: Worker's Compensation Poster

The mission of the Office of Risk Management is to support Clemson University's research and public service mission by providing superior service to students, faculty, staff and University guests in the areas of risk management, property and liability insurance and related claims.

The staff of Risk Management also strives to be the "go to" person whenever anyone on campus has questions about their department's insurance needs, accidents occurring on campus or accidents occurring on or off campus that pertain to University-owned vehicles. All needed information for contacts is available on the "Contact Us" page of this site.