Risk Management

Workers' Compensation

Please Note: In case of accidental injury, it is an employee's responsibility to notify his/her supervisor or department head immediately. Any injury, no matter how slight, must be reported. If no medical attention is needed, please fill out the First Report of Injury and e-mail it to godwinp@clemson.edu or fax it to Risk Management 864-656-4558.

Medical Attention for the Work-Injured Employee: If the injured employee, or his/her supervisor, judges that medical attention is needed, the supervisor or other designated person must call ComPendium Services at 877-709-2667 to report the injury and assist in completing the First Report of Injury. The employee will be referred to Redfern Health Center. In the event of life or limb-threatening emergencies, treatment should be sought at the nearest emergency facility.

Other important resources involving workers' comp issues, forms and policies can be viewed here.