Roslin Green Eggs are available for ordering. then select Programs (from left hand navigation bar)

New users - contact if you are interested in ordering transgenic GFP chicken eggs. We can ship eggs within the USA and can discuss shipping to Canada or other countries in the Americas.

An MTA will need to be completed by your insitution before any eggs can be ordered or shipped. Download the MTA here. Please note that blanket MTAs cannot be accepted because there are specific clauses in the MTA required by the Roslin Institute agreement with Clemson Unviersity. Even if you are not ready to order eggs immediately please get the MTA signed as soon as possible to prevent delays.

Egg production is time-consuming and supplies can vary, so your patience is appreciated. If you have specific needs please let us know as soon as possible as we may need to adjust the flock size to accomodate you.

The flock size is currently 25 laying hens. We anticipate that this will produce approximately 10 dozen eggs per week.

Note: currently we have heterozygous birds only. Please take into account that ~25% of the eggs you order may not be transgenic. We cannot screen eggs for GFP as the shells do not fluoresce and it is difficult to determine through the shell if the embryo is GFP positive or not.

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