Social Impacts of the Industrial Revolution

one of the good questions on Top Hat last Friday was did the industrial revolution change child labor
change focus from how the industrial revolution happened to what were its impacts

Were people better off as a result of the industrial revolution?  Which people?

How did the industrial revolution impact the different levels of society?
children working in the street

What questions might we ask
about the impact of industrialization on workers:

Pay: Did the factory workers get a share of the new wealth?

Experience of work:
How did industrial work compare with agricultural work:

Families: This was a whole new way of life

english workersyoung workers in England

cartoon about cholera from public water pumps
Living conditions were often very bad

Was there any protection?
crippled children
 disabled children in London

Political response to a situation where many factory workers were hopeless and hungry (see also Hobsbawm p. 51):

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