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Mail Smart Forms

Available Request Forms

Select the appropriate form below to order services from the Clemson University Bulk Mail Center. If you should have any questions about what we can do or how to complete the request forms, please contact us at 864-656-7720 or

Please complete the form at least five days prior to the date you need your mailing sent to the post office to allow us the necessary time to complete your request.

Instructions for Completing Mail Services Forms

  • Requesting Department is the name of the department requesting services.
  • Address is your department address.
  • Pickup, Deliver or Distribute should be checked for appropriate action.
  • Required: Delivery Address is the room number and the name of the building where the proof or completed job will be delivered.
  • Date Prepared is the date the requesting department prepares this form.
  • Person Making Request will be the person to whom additional questions will be addressed if necessary.
  • Phone Number will be the number at which the person making the request can be reached.
  • Account Number will be the 23-digit account number to which the services are to be charged. The object classification section of the account number (field three) will usually be one of the following: 7207 — Mail-related charges, including metering or bulk mail
  • Authorized Signature(s) will be the signature(s) of the individual authorized to expend from the designated account.
  • Quantity is the number of copies needed per original. Number of Originals is the total number of originals that you need reproduced.
  • Printing, Finishing and Other Service Instructions must be checked in the spaces provided as appropriate.