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Student Insurance

A Student Health Insurance Plan is available at competitive premiums. Visit the AIG website for information on plan benefits and enrollment procedures. To contact the Student Insurance Office, call 864-656-3561.

Student Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Redfern Health Center Costs

Tuition Fees

Redfern Health Center Fees 

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Health Fee

University policy requires all students registered for six or more credit hours (three hours during each summer term) to pay the University health fee. For information regarding this fee, go to the Health Fee page.

Payment and Billing

Payment for services not covered by the University health fee is expected at the time of service. Cash, personal check, Tiger Stripe, MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted. Special arrangements can be made if necessary. Students not paying the University health fee are charged a higher fee for service.

Redfern Health Center accepts private insurance for pharmacy only.  Itemized receipts are provided at check out for other services.  If you would like to submit your insurance information to the pharmacy now, fill out the Pharmacy Prescription Card Information and fax or drop it off at the pharmacy at Redfern Health Center.  This will make it easier and faster for us to process your prescriptions on insurance in the fall.  Please note that we will not be accepting every insurance plan nationwide, so if you drop off or fax your information to us, we can let you know if we are going to participate in your insurance plan.  This would be very helpful to us, as we are trying to enroll in as many plans as possible over the summer.

Unpaid services are not billed. Any unpaid Redfern charges will be transferred to the student’s University account.