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Frequently Asked Questions

What and when is Intake?

Intake is the process of membership selection used by fraternities and sororities belonging to the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC).

The process is similar for each organization. All groups require that selected members have a certain number of academic and community service hours as well as certain grade point averages. However, the length of the process is different, and range from three days to four weeks. For more information, please check the individual organizations’ websites.


Recruitment is the official process to get into a fraternity or sorority affiliated with the College Panhellenic Council (CPC) or the Interfraternity Council (IFC). You must register to go through the process at the council websites. CPC has one formalized recruitment process in the fall and the IFC has both a fall and spring recruitment. Continuing Clemson students must have a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA for IFC Recruitment.

How long does being a New Member take and what are the requirements?

It varies among all groups, but no new member period lasts longer than one semester. It has been the recent national trend among all groups to initiate after eight weeks of a new member period. Typically the NPHC groups initiate after a shorter new member period. Most groups will require some mandatory study halls and new member meetings. All groups also have a one-time new member fee. For more information, ask one of the members while visiting during the Recruitment or Intake processes.

What is an Interest Meeting?

NPHC groups hold Interest Meetings in which they discuss their national and chapter’s history, philanthropy and requirements to become a member. For more information on when each group will be holding Interest meetings, contact the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office at 656-2582.

Is there a minimum GPA for the different organizations?

There is a minimum GPA to go through the recruitment process/join an organization affiliated with the College Panhellenic, Interfraternity and/or National Pan-Hellenic Council. A student must have a cumulative 2.7 GPA to register for IFC rush or apply for NPHC membership intake. Grades will be verified by Clemson University staff. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

For the formal recruitment processes of CPC or IFC: Do I have to come to the Recruitment meetings? Convocation? All the Recruitment Parties? What if I have to miss?

Yes, with one important exception: You cannot miss an academic class for any recruitment related activity. If you miss an academic class to attend ANY recruitment related function, including the official rounds during Formal Recruitment week, you will disqualify yourself from joining a fraternity or sorority.

However, other than class, if you are registered for Formal Recruitment, you are required to come to all mandatory activities. It will be an opportunity for you to learn more about the procedure as well as allow you time to have open conversation with members from all of the organizations.

How should I act and what should I know before I join? How can I increase my chances of joining a Fraternity or Sorority?

Act like yourself! You want to know what the fraternity or sorority is like as much as they want to know the real you. Look at all the chapters with an open mind. The number one reason people choose not to join a fraternity or sorority is because they did not get invited back to their first or only choice. Remember, the group you decide to join is going to be the best on campus. Stay positive and don’t criticize other potential new members.

What are the financial obligations of joining a sorority or fraternity?

If you are serious about joining a fraternity or sorority, you must be serious about your financial obligations to that organization. The cost varies with each organization. However, you should ask about these costs during the recruitment times. The first semester of joining a fraternity or sorority will be the most expensive due to new member fees.

How can I stay in the loop with what's going on in Fraternity and Sorority Life?

Fraternity and Sorority Life has a new news site to keep you updated with all pertinent information regarding news in the department, from chapter, councils, etc.