If this is an active emergency or someone’s health and safety is currently in danger,
please call 9-1-1 or CUPD at 864-656–2222.

Clemson Reporting Conduct

Welcome to Clemson Reporting Conduct. This site allows you to share important information regarding incidents or concerning behavior happening in the Clemson University community. Please click on the Report type that best describes the incident or circumstances of your concern to submit.

To report alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct (e.g. alcohol, drugs, disorderly conduct, theft, vandalism, etc.), please use the online reporting form available here. Reports are submitted to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards for review and follow-up. If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered a violation, please contact the Office of Community and Ethical Standards at 864-656-0510 or clemsonoces@clemson.edu.

This form should be used for current students needing non-emergency care support and resources for issues including but not limited to homesickness/engagement, emotional issues, injury/illness, grief support and academic attendance/engagement concerns. The CARE Network is managed by the Office of Advocacy and Success (OAS).

Hazing is not consistent with the University’s core values. Hazing activities are unsafe and include, but are not limited to, forced or coerced consumption of food/substances, sleep deprivation, physical violence of any form (including paddling, line-ups, and forced exercising), personal servitude, or kidnapping/abandonment. For more information visit Clemson University’s Hazing Policy.

This form is designed to provide an online method to report specific information related to an alleged incident or incidents of workplace discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation. In lieu of completing this form online, you may contact staff and faculty relations to discuss alternate methods to report. You may also contact Clemson University's anonymous ethics/safety hotline either online or by calling 1-877-503-7283.

This form should be used to initiate inquiries, reports and discussions with Clemson’s Title IX staff, located in the Office of Access and Equity, regarding applicable policies and procedures and available options. If you are the complainant and wish to file a formal complaint, please use the “TITLE IX SEXUAL HARASSMENT FORMAL COMPLAINT” form. All the information provided in this form will be kept confidential, as applicable by law, and shared only with staff members responsible for addressing these reports. If you have questions and would like to speak with someone, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 864-656-3181.

This form should be used if you are the complainant and wish to file a Title IX Sexual Harassment Formal complaint. By filing this Title IX Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint, you understand that you are asking the university to determine if this formal complaint meets the requirements of Title IX, investigate if it is deemed Title IX, hold a hearing and adjudicate the formal complaint in accordance with Title IX and the related federal regulations. If you have questions about the Title IX Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint process that you would like answered before filing a Formal Complaint, please contact the Title IX Coordinator by either telephone: 864-656-3181, email: alesias@clemson.edu, or submit a Title IX Sexual Harassment Inquiry/Incident Report Form.