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Campus Recreation

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The Department of Campus Recreation strives to provide quality recreation experiences to the students, faculty and staff of Clemson University through its programs and facilities. These experiences afford the diverse campus community opportunities to interact while participating in a wide variety of instructional and competitive activities that promote the development of the mind and body.

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Lamon Simpson, Coordinator, Facility Maintenance

Lamon Simpson

Coordinator, Facility Maintenance

G04A Fike Recreation Center

Darius Hilliard, Assistant Director, Operations

Darius Hilliard

Assistant Director, Operations

101 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-0901 |


Megan Jahngen, Assistant Director, Member Services

Megan Jahngen

Assistant Director, Member Services

100B Fike Recreation Center

864-656-5828 |


Nicole Rudnitsky, Assistant Director, Risk Management and Aquatics

Nicole Rudnitsky

Assistant Director, Risk Management & Aquatics

200 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-3799 |

Cain Stinnett, Assistant Director, Facilities

Cain Stinnett

Karen Erickson, Assistant Director, HR and Payroll

Karen Erickson

Assistant Director, HR & Payroll

303 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-7616 |

Ben Blodgett, Associate Director, Facilities and Maintenance

Ben Blodgett

Associate Director, Facilities & Maintenance

103 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-2568  |

Victoria Perry, Associate Director, Member Services

Victoria Perry

Associate Director, Member Services & Communications

102 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-0557  |


Ashley Schmidt, Assistant Director, Sport Programs

Ashley Schmidt

Assistant Director, Sport Programs

202B Fike Recreation Center

864-656-7617 |

Chris Cox, Associate Director, Sport Programs

Chris Cox

Associate Director, Sport Programs & Snow Complex

202A Fike Recreation Center

864-656-2698 |

Fitness, Wellness, & Wellbeing

Bill Dunn, Assistant Director, Wellbeing

Bill Dunn

Anna Longaker, Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness

Anna Longaker

Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness

203A Fike Recreation Center

864-656-2350 |


Trevor Romans, Graduate Assistant, Outdoor Recreation

Trevor Romans

Graduate Assistant, Outdoor Recreation

Andy Quattlebaum Outdoor Education Center

Jordan Gantt, Assistant Director, Outdoor Rec

Jordan Gantt

Assistant Director, Outdoor Recreation

206 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-4699 |

Taylor Williams, Associate Director, Outdoor Recreation

Taylor Williams


Jimmy Mullinax, Director, Facilities and Operations

Jimmy Mullinax

Director, Facilities & Operations

201 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-1756 |

Robert Taylor, Director, Programs and Assessment

Robert Taylor

Dave Frock, Executive Director, Campus Recreation

Dave Frock

Executive Director, Campus Recreation

206 Fike Recreation Center

864-656-2308 |

Campus Recreation
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