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Campus Recreation

Personal and Small Group Training

Personal Training

We are not accepting any new personal training clients at this time.

Campus Recreation's Certified Personal Trainers offer individual comprehensive exercise programs designed to meet the goals of their clients. From the novice to the experienced exerciser, our trainers have the knowledge and skill to work with you to help you achieve your personal fitness and wellness goals.

  • Steps to Beginning Your Personal Training Experience
    1. Complete the Personal Training Registration Form
    2. Wait to be contacted by our staff confirming that your registration form has been submitted (please give us at least 72 hours to contact you; If you are not contacted within this timeframe, please email us.)
    3. Once your registration form has been reviewed by our staff, you will either be paired with a Personal Trainer, be required to obtain medical clearance before proceeding, or be placed on a waitlist until a trainer becomes available.
    4. If you do not need medical clearance and there is an available trainer, you will be connected to your trainer via email.
    5. You and the trainer will set up a time for an Initial Consultation/Fitness Assessment. During this initial meeting, you will schedule all of your sessions.
    6. You  may pay in person the day of your first training session at the Welcome Center with your Personal Trainer present.
  • Personal Training Package Rates

    Individual Personal Training Rates:

    Individual Personal Training Rates
    Student Packages Member/Employee Packages

    Three 1-hour sessions: $90
    Five 1-hour sessions: $140
    Eight 1-hour sessions: $210
    Ten 1-hour sessions: $240
    Twelve 1-hour sessions: $265

    Three 1-hour sessions: $150
    Five 1-hour sessions: $225
    Eight 1-hour sessions: $340
    Ten 1-hour sessions: $410
    Twelve 1-hour sessions: $470

    Partner Personal Training Rates:

    All are rates shown per person

    Partner Personal Training Rates
    Student Packages Member/Employee Packages

    Three 1-hour sessions: $45
    Five 1-hour sessions: $70
    Eight 1-hour sessions: $105
    Ten 1-hour sessions: $120
    Twelve 1-hour sessions: $132

    Three 1-hour sessions: $75
    Five 1-hour sessions: $112
    Eight 1-hour sessions: $170
    Ten 1-hour sessions: $205
    Twelve 1-hour sessions: $235

  • Personal Training Policies and Procedures

    Age Requirements:

    Clients must be 18 years or older to participate in Personal Training.


    Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to any scheduled session. If a cancellation is not made a minimum of 24 hours prior to any scheduled session, the client will be charged for the full session and the session cannot be made-up. The same applies for a "no-show."

    Client Membership Requirements:

    Clients must hold a current Campus Recreation membership via being a Clemson University student or member of the facility.

    Client Responsibilities:

    Clients must adhere to all Campus Recreation membership and facility policies and procedures found in the Policy Handbook.
    Appropriate attire must be worn during all training sessions. Please refer to the Campus Recreation Policy Handbook for guidelines.
    Clients must report to the lobby of the recreation center to meet their trainer before each session.

    Initial Consultation and Fitness Assessment:

    Prior to starting any sessions, Personal Trainers will conduct an initial consultation and fitness assessment. Baseline information will be collected, upon which the trainer can create an appropriate, individualized training regimen. Clients are recommended to follow the Fitness Assessment Guidelines.

    Medical Clearance:

    The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to deny services to any participant who may not be able to exercise safely within the parameters of the Personal Training program. *Medical clearance may be requested prior to participation*.


    All personal training fees must be paid in full online or at the Welcome Center at Fike Recreation Center prior to starting any training sessions.

    Personal Training Package Restrictions:

    Personal Training sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable. Medical conditions which prevent the sessions from being redeemed within a 90-day expiration period may be refunded if a physician's note is provided.
    Individual Personal Training packages may not be split with other clients in any way, regardless of their relationship to the client.

    Personal Trainer Responsibilities:

    Only current Campus Recreation Personal Trainers will conduct training sessions.
    All paperwork must be completed prior to any Personal Training services.
    Personal Trainers will not accept any direct or additional payment for their services.

    Session Expirations:

    Personal Training sessions must be completed within 90 days of the purchase date.

    Session Locations:

    All Personal Training sessions will be conducted in Fike Recreation Center, Douthit Hills Fitness Center or surrounding areas.

    Session Times:

    All training sessions begin at the time agreed upon by the Personal Trainer and client. If a client is late, time will be deducted from the session.

Small Group Training

small group training class

Small Group Training consists of a small group of participants working to develop or refine a specific skill. It incorporates semi-personalized coaching from nationally-certified trainers. Each program focuses on progressive training and utilizes different modes of training to help you towards your fitness and wellness goals. The small groups meet twice a week for four weeks and cost $50 per participant.

Fit3D Scans

Fit3D is a 360 body scan that generates a multitude of body measurements such as body fat %, lean mass %, body weight, circumference measurements, balance analysis, and a postural analysis. The scan takes under a minute to compete and you get your results instantly through the My Fit3D app. Learn more about your body and track your progress over time. Visit the Fit3D website to learn more about these revolutionary scans. Fitness Assessments are $20 for all Campus Recreation members.

personal trainer explaining how to complete fit3d scan

Meet Our Personal Trainers

personal trainer headshot

Sarah Kay Wrenn

Speciality Areas: Non-traditional approach to personal training focussed on building strength, functionality, fueling your body, and overall improvement in activities of daily life. Rather than focussing on weight loss, restrictive eating, and calorie counting. 

Training Styles: Functional, Weightlifting, High Intensity Interval Training

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Exercise is a blessing, not a chore. I workout because I am grateful that I physically can."

Passions: Women on Weights, helping people achieve their goals, clemson football, dog mom, non-restrictive relationship with food and working out

personal trainer headshot

Gabby Klok

Speciality Areas: functional training, weightlifting, high intensity interval training, bodybuilding 

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "You can't pour from an empty cup"

Passions: Group fitness instructor, helping people become the best versions of themselves, weightlifting, traveling, cat mom, hiking, scuba diving, running
personal trainer headshot

Rion Brown

Speciality Areas: Client-centered approach that focuses on personal goals, whether that is building muscular strength, weight loss or gain, or simply improving your overall wellbeing. Programs are focussed to both challenge and motivate you towards your goals. 

Training Styles: functional, weightlifting, high intensity interval training, circuit training 

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Focus on how far you have come, not how far you have to go."

Passions: F45 and Group Fitness, advocating for balanced lifestyles, learning new recipes, anything involving the beach
personal trainer headshot

Katie Massie

Speciality Areas: Weightlifting and running 

Training Styles: weightlifting, high intensity interval training, flexibility and mobility 

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."
personal trainer headshot

Abby Frank

Speciality Areas: strength training, HIIT

Training Styles: goal oriented training, training to get stronger rather than to lose weight

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Hustle in silence, your success will speak for itself."

Passions: Lifeting, Campus Recreation, Clemson

personal trainer headshot

Seth Piechota

Speciality Areas: Functional, rehabilitative, strength and conditioning, weightlifting 

Training Styles: Functionally based with an emphasis on muscular endurance 

Favorite Quote: "A life well lived is a dance between having the strength to walk away and the courage to go all in" ~ Eddie Pinero 

Passions: Fitness and nutrition, Golf, Football, Baseball, Yoga, Self Improvement 

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