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Additional Services

  • Locker Service
    Locker Service
    Locker Type Duration Amount
    Half Locker Jan. 1-June 30 or July 1-Dec. 31


    Half Locker July 1-June 30


    Full Locker

    Jan. 1-June 30 or July 1-Dec. 31


    Full Locker July 1-June 30


    Locker Rentals

    • All locker rental fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Locker rental rates do not prorate.
    • Semester and annual lockers located in the men’s and women’s locker rooms are available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning the first day of classes each semester.
    • All lockers have an assigned lock provided by Campus Recreation. If choosing to use a personal lock, please return the lock provided by Campus Recreation to the Welcome Center desk. Locks will be changed when there is a change in locker occupancy.
    • Upon payment of rental fees, members will be given the combination to the lock on their assigned locker.
    • To help maintain a clean, healthy, and odor-free environment in the locker rooms, used washables should not be left in the lockers overnight. All used washables should be laundered prior to being returned to the locker.

    Locker Renewals

    • Locker renewals require payment on or before the rental expiration date (Dec. 31 or June 30).
    • Lockers can be  renewed online  or in-person at Fike Recreation Center.
    • Lockers that are not renewed must be emptied of personal items on or before the last day of the rental contract. Any personal items left in lockers after the last day of the rental contract will be removed by Campus Recreation staff.
    • Personal items removed from lockers that are not renewed will be held for 2 weeks before being disposed of in accordance with approved University procedures.
    • A $10 fee will be assessed to retrieve the personal items removed from lockers. For sanitary purposes, all personal hygiene items such as cleansing products, razors, and hair care products will be disposed of upon cleanouts.

    Annual Locker Cleaning

    • All lockers will be cleaned and sanitized annually by Campus Recreation staff around the July expiration date. Notice will be provided to all locker renters so that they can remove their personal items before lockers are to be cleaned. All lockers will be cleaned and sanitized, even if the locker is being renewed by the same renter. Items not removed from lockers that were renewed prior to cleaning will be removed from the locker and stored until the renter can retrieve their items. Items removed from lockers that were not renewed will be held for 2 weeks before being disposed of in accordance with approved University procedures.
    • Campus Recreation reserves the right to revoke a locker rental should a patron fail to maintain his or her assigned locker and any contents in a sanitary condition. At least one warning will be issued before revocation is imposed.
  • Towel Service
    Towel Service
    Duration Amount
    Jan. 1-June 30 or July 1-Dec. 31


    July 1-June 30


    All towel service fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Towel service rates do not prorate.

  • Equipment Rentals

    Fike Recreation Center offers free check out equipment for our members’ use. All equipment must be returned before the member leaves the facility. No equipment is to be kept by the member after the facility closes.

    All equipment is checked out and must be returned to the Welcome Center desk in Fike Recreation Center. The member must present their CUID or membership card to rent and return equipment.

    Any equipment that is not returned or returned damaged will incur a replacement fee charged to the member that checked out the equipment. The member who checks out the equipment is solely responsible for the return of the equipment in the same condition when it was checked out.

    All fees charged for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment will be charged to the member who checked out the equipment. The member will be unable to access Fike Recreation Center until all charges are paid in full.

    Some of the equipment available to rent includes:

    • basketballs
    • jump ropes
    • resistance bands and mini-bands
    • racquetball equipment
    • badminton equipment
    • indoor volleyballs
    • soccer balls

    Available equipment may vary.

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