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Student Affairs Highlights 2022-23

The Division of Student Affairs’ performance drivers are: people, execution, and outcomes. We believe that if we have the right people, focused on the right things, we can achieve our desired results, which is to support students by complementing the academic mission of Clemson University.

Each department in the Division of Student Affairs uses its annual value mapping process and dashboards to ensure they’re focusing on what’s most relevant while identifying opportunities to eliminate redundancies, reduce cost and risk, and maximize effectiveness in learning and operations. The Division of Student Affairs is a university and industry leader with its value mapping and dashboard structure.

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting data demonstrates the division’s commitment to data-informed decision making related to the continuous improvement of its programs, services, and administrative functions. The following are the 2022-2023 highlights from each department in how they play an integral role in preparing and empowering students to make a difference as global citizens.

Division Year-In-Review and Annual Report

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Student Affairs Business Operations
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