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Corporate & Community Engagement

Commercial Activities on Campus

Clemson encourages new commercial activities and partnerships that are mutually beneficial, innovative collaborations between the University and external partners.

All commercial engagement on campus must be approved by the University before a commercial activity can take place. Please contact Cindi Gosnell for information concerning rates and availability for types of activities listed below.

Commercial sales: Any sales, solicitations, advertising or other commercial activity whose purpose is to inform, induce or encourage individuals or groups to purchase, rent, lease, or use (or not purchase, rent, lease or use) any goods or services or to participate in some commercial enterprise.

Sponsorships: Collaborate agreement between a Student Affairs department and a commercial enterprise in managing and financing an event or activity in which the sponsor(s) receives acknowledgment for providing financial support, including those organizations who use University assets.

Please note, no fronting by companies will be allowed, and all corporate brand ambassadors must be approved before coming on campus.

Clemson students at Coca Cola food truck at Campus
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