Lactation Network at Clemson University

Clemson University Lactation Network

Clemson University promotes a family-friendly work and study environment for mothers and their infants. As a part of Clemson’s goal to provide employees, student workers and students with work/life balance, the University strives to offer clean, private space for new mothers to nurse and/or express breastmilk and flexible opportunities to do so during the work/school day.

The Clemson Lactation Network is a combination of:

  • Dedicated wellness/lactation rooms
  • Public spaces where one might be able to express milk
  • Reservable space for you to express milk (e.g., conference room)
  • Space volunteered by individuals

Clemson University has several dedicated wellness/lactation rooms available:

  1. Sullivan Center (map)
    • Multiple rooms (*In response to flu season and COVID-19, we are temporarily moving this room OUT of JFSC to reduce the risk to the new moms. The room available will be 535A and will be open from 8:00-4:30 daily. If someone needs to use it, there will be a sign in the room that they can hang on the doorknob to let folks know they need privacy when they are inside.)
    • Available for walk-ins
    • Reservations: call 864-656-3076
    • Electrical outlets and comfortable furniture
    • Hospital-grade Medela Symphony pump available
    • Microfridge
  2. Cooper Library (map)
    • One room, 300D, a 77 square foot room located next door to the 309 Classroom
    • Available for walk-ins. See main circulation desk for key
    • Sink access across the hall
    • Bathroom facilities across the hall
    • Electrical outlets and comfortable furniture, and a table
    • Electric pump available
    • Microfridge
  3. Poole Agriculture Center (map)
    • One room, F-148
    • Keypad access lock, electrical outlets, and comfortable furniture
    • For room access, contact Leigh Dodson: 112 Poole Agriculture Center, 656-3660
    • 2 microfridges
  4. Advanced Materials Research Lab (map
    • One room, 2nd floor by mailroom
    • Key access, electrical outlets, tables, pack and play, mini-fridge and comfortable furniture
    • Sink in nearby break room
    • For room access, contact Wendy Baldwin: 656-6337
  5. Littlejohn (map) — Available on Athletic Event Days
    • One room on the north side of the building at the entrance off Ravenel Road
    • Sink available across the concourse
    • Electrical outlet and comfortable furniture
    • Walk-in access is available
  6. Watt Family Innovation Center (map
    • One room, number 306JA
    • Sink available in the room
    • Microfridge
    • Electrical outlet and comfortable furniture
    • For room access, contact 656-9240 or 656-9409
    • Walk-ins: See Service Desk on main level for access
  7. IPTAY Center building (map)
    • One room, number 306
    • Open weekdays 8am-5pm
    • Walk-Ins: See front desk on main level for access
    • Sink access
    • Electrical outlet and comfortable furniture
  8. McWhorter Softball Stadium (map) - Available on Athletic Event Days
    • One room, 123 - next to First Aid
    • Sink access
    • Electrical outlet and comfortable furniture