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Additional Programs

College of Business

Master of Science in Graphic Communications, Department of Graphic Communications: The Master of Science in Graphic Communications degree program prepares students for technical, creative, or professional careers in graphic communications.

Master of Science in Marketing, Department of Marketing: The Master of Science in Marketing degree is intended to advance students’ knowledge and expertise in marketing theory and practice, and prepare them for careers in marketing analysis, research, management and scholarship.

Master of Science in Management, Department of Management: The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program prepares professionals to be effective leaders in supply chain, innovation, and information technology management.

Master of Business Administration, College of Business and Behavioral Sciences: Both full- and part-time MBA programs are available to accommodate a variety of students, with a range of courses offered to give students a firm grasp of broad-based business fundamentals as well as the opportunity to focus on areas of interest.

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Master of Human Resource Development, Eugene T. Moore School of Education: The MHRD  degree draws from systems design, psychology, education, sociology, organization development and management theory to improve human and organizational performance, preparing people to become strategic thinkers and problem solvers who can address a broad spectrum of performance issues within business, industry and the public sector.

Master of Science in Applied Psychology, Department of Psychology: The Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology is offered with a concentration in either Human Factors Psychology or Industrial & Organizational Psychology and is a two-year degree designed for those who would like to work in industry after graduation or to continue with graduate studies.

Master of Science in Applied Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology: The M.S. degree program in applied sociology emphasizes practical and theoretical knowledge in the areas of policy analysis, evaluation research, and organizational sociology.

Master of Science in Youth Development Leadership, Department of Youth Development Leadership: The online Youth Development Leadership Program is moving forward to address the need for providing strong, effective leaders equipped to optimize the skills of youth and create a culture where youth thrive and are nurtured to become productive citizens of healthy communities in our society

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