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Master of Arts in Communication, Technology and Society

Our students have written for news and industry publications, presented research at international and national conferences, and interned on- and off-campus. Graduates have gone on to pursue a Ph.D., as well as work in internet marketing, teaching, health care research and public affairs.

Hailing from the United States, Norway, Yemen and China, MACTS students come with a diverse mix of majors and minors, including:

  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Communication
  • Business Administration
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Education
  • Spanish
  • English Literature
  • Media Studies
  • Public Relations

 Their interests and experiences include:

  • Sociology
  • Teaching
  • Organizational Communication
  • Sports
  • Networks
  • Audio Technology
  • Social Media
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • Disaster Relief
  • Arts Programming
  • Media Relations
  • Journalism
  • Content Editing

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