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Research Areas

Clemson Institute of Supply Chain Optimization & Logistics Logo

The Clemson Institute of Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics (CISCOL) focuses on conducting theoretical and applied research on improving the management and control of supply chains as well as next generation systems.

Clemson Ergonomics & Applied Statistics Lab Logo

The EASt Lab uses a wide variety of sophisticated analytical models to quantify operators‘ behaviors and performance in complex systems and situations specifically in healthcare and transportation domains.  The Lab is working on developing models that gauge driver injury and crash risk, evaluate human factor issues and strategies for improving health and health care systems, and quantify the effect of technology-based tools on behavior and performance.

Human-Systems Integration Lab

The mission of HSIL is to improve the design of human-computer systems. Our goal is to enable people to use these systems to carry out their activities productively. The laboratory applies user-centered design methodologies to develop and refine human-computer systems for a variety of applications within the production and service sectors, including information and knowledge management, collaborative design, quality and process improvement, and education and training.

SC Centers of Economic Excellence Logo

Since the initial $2 million investment from state and the $2 million match from Fluor Corporation in 2007, the center has received $10.2 million in additional external investment to date. On-going research efforts include nuclear supply chain mapping, maintenance scheduling, statewide freight transportation modeling, supply chain viability, and manufacturing productivity improvement through simulation with companies and organizations throughout SC and the US.