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Clinical Learning and Research Center

Clinical Learning and Resource Center The Clinical Learning and Research Center (CLRC)  today is a showcase of a complete renovation of the nursing skills laboratory and learning resource center, which had been in existence, without updating, since the early 1970's. Opening its doors in fall 2005, the Clemson University Schools of Nursing and Architecture and Health established a collaborative partnership in designing and in constructing the new CLRC.

The CLRC addresses issues that are significant to the university, the state, and the nation. Specifically, the Center is responsive to President Barker's goals and priorities as Clemson continues to strive to become a Top 20 Public University. The CLRC will enable students to learn in an environment that fosters excellence in teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The CLRC is currently comprised of two components that make up the CLRC. One component is the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the other is the Clinical Learning Center (CLC). The LRC supports and provides resources used by nursing students who utilize the CLC also known as the "skills lab." 

In addition, the LRC provides support to public health students, the public health lab, and any other HEHD student/faculty/department that requests resource support within academic or non-academic units. The LRC is open approximately 48.5 hours a week with one full-time director, one administrative assistant, and student workers to assist faculty/staff/students in utilizing the LRC resources.

The Learning Resource Center provides a computer lab, study rooms, meeting spaces, book collection, literature search assistance, poster development/printing assistance, reserve material, and speciality software.