Department of Automotive Engineering

GATE Program Ph.D. Curriculum

gate lab activitiesCurriculum Requirements - Ph.D. Fellows 
In addition to meeting the appropriate requirements for a PhD degree, including a doctoral research dissertation, Ph.D. Gate Fellows must complete the following:  
Core Courses for PhD GATE Fellows
AuE 817 Alternative Energy Sources
AuE 892 Seminar
AuE 893-2 Autovation (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management)
AuE 893-4 Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Control
AuE 890 Auto Internship Projects (GATE specific, must be approved)
A second business course

Please note, limited substitutions of courses may be possible for those who have already completed related courses. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

AuE degree requirements supersede the GATE certificate requirements.