Department of Automotive Engineering

Vehicle Performance Research Topics & Contributors

vehicle performance testVehicle performance research includes a focus on vehicle dynamics, advanced driver-assistance systems, human interface link (HIL) and on-road testing.

Here is a sampling of current research projects being conducted in this area:
● Modeling, simulation, and model validation of dynamics and vehicles
● Advanced control strategies for traction and stability for new vehicle concepts
● Predictive tire force saturation and management for vehicle stability control
● Dyanmic interactions between new tire designs like TWEELs, suspensions and active vehicle control systems (ABS, TCS, ESC).
● Commercial truck stability control
● Subjective/objective correlation of vehicle dynamics and drivability metrics for advanced vehicle concepts
● Improving conceptual vehicle design maturity through multi-objective Systems integration and optimization
● Design methodologies to assure safe on-road handling dynamics for vehicles with aftermarket chassis modifications
● Vehicle architectures and modularity

This research is made possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.