Department of Automotive Engineering

Vehicle Performance Team

Dr. Beshah Ayalew
Advanced process control: distributed parameter systems in manufacturing; vehicle dynamics control, stability and safety systems control applications in energy systems; electric and hybrid vehicles

Dr. Zoran Filipi

Advanced engine concepts; multi-physics modeling; hybrid systems analysis and optimization; hardware-in-the-loop integration

Dr. Simona Onori
Modeling, simulation, control and optimization in hybrid and electric vehicles; aging, characterization modeling and identification in Li-ion and PbA batteries; model-based battery management system; hardware-in-the-loop simulations; multi-objective optimization;  optimal control theory; aging modeling in interconnected systems.

Dr. Paul Venhovens

Vehicle development processes and systems engineering/integration methods (brand essence, market analyses, vehicle benchmarking, target setting, concept ideation, styling, design space, functions, weight, cost, manufacturing, vehicle platforms, commonality, legislation, policies); vehicle prototyping, vehicle dynamics (noise, vibrations and harshness, on-road handling, multi-body simulation, driving simulators, chassis controls, on-road testing); advanced driver assistance systems (sensing, sensor fusion, HMI-design, controls, evaluation, field-operational-testing).