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Project WISE

Dates for Summer 2016: June 12-17th

Details will be updated very soon.

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2012 Project WISE group

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A WISE Adventure

Do you ever wonder who created and designed that cell phone you can’t live without? What about those great colors in the new makeup lines — where do they come from? And how do they make those designer jeans that everyone’s wearing? Engineers and scientists created them all! There are many exciting opportunities for women in engineering and science. Come learn about them in the Project WISE summer science program.

Sponsored by Duke Energy since 1997, rising middle school girls participate in this one-week camp. In which noncredit mini-courses are taught by Clemson University professors in engineering and science. The students have the opportunity to experience collaborative and hands-on learning, through practical applications of math and science.

Science, engineering, and mathematics offer a world of interesting and exciting careers that improve our lives and women are an important part of these fields. Clemson University’s College of Engineering and Science would like to give you a better introduction to these disciplines and the opportunities they offer. Project WISE is a fun-filled academic summer camp for girls. It’s open to young women who will enter Middle School in the 2015-2016 school year.

Project WISE will give you a chance to experience Clemson University and the many wonders of science, mathematics, and engineering. You’ll live in a campus residence hall and eat in Clemson University dining halls. Your counselors will be Clemson undergraduate women who are majoring in science, mathematics, or engineering. They’ll live with you to assist during the program and oversee activities in the residence halls.

What classes do campers take?
Project WISE classes give girls experience and hands-on learning in biology, bioengineering, mathematics, and civil, environmental, and electrical engineering. They’ll learn how science and engineering affect our lives personally. They’ll also discover how exciting and rewarding careers in these fields can be.

What do campers do for fun?
Project WISE is not all work. The girls have a great time participating in dance classes, trips to the movies, outdoor and indoor games, and much more. They grow personally and learn more about who they are and what they want in sessions that promote strong self-esteem. The campers stay busy and involved. They bond with one another and often build long lasting friendships.

Where do campers stay at Clemson?
Campers stay for a week in one of the residence halls on campus with the counselors. The residence halls have a floor lounge and a main lounge with a TV. The halls also offer a high level of security for the campers. Outside doors stay locked, and a security guard is on duty at night from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Campers have a curfew of 11 p.m. each night. Each camper is provided with a meal plan which provides them with three meals a day at the campus dining hall.

How do I apply?
Click the Application link below. Fill out the online application and submit. Mail the required documents and payment to the address given.

Details will be updated very soon.

How do I apply to be a counselor?
Are you an Engineering, Math, or Science major at Clemson University? Would you like to be involved with Project WISE? It's easy! Download the form below and return to the WISE office. Counselors will live in the residence halls with the campers for one week. Counselors will walk the girls to and from classes and participate in nightly activities. Counselors are given a free meal plan for the week and can eat in the dining halls with the campers.

Counselor Form (PDF)

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