Emeritus College Advisory Board 2020-2021

Dr. Adolph Beyerlein, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Dr. David Bodde, Professor Emeritus of Automotive Engineering
Dr. Harold Cheatham, Professor Emeritus of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences and Dean
Dr. Michael Crino, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Management
Mr. Chip Egan, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Performing Arts
Dr. Michael Ellison, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Vicki Gillis, Professor Emerita of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Joel Greenstein, Associate Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering; Chair 
Dr. Robert Hogan, Professor Emeritus of Architecture
Dr. Bonnie Holaday, Professor Emerita of Nursing and Dean
Dr. Cecil Huey, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Del Kimbler, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering
Dr. Mike Kohl, Librarian Emeritus
Dr. Patricia Knowles, Associate Professor Emerita of Marketing
Dr. Brian Malloy, Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Dr. Don McKale, Class of 1941 Memorial Professor Emeritus of History, Past Chair
Dr. Roy Pargas, Associate Professor Emeritus of Computing
Dr. Gary Powell, Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Biochemistry
Dr. Rosanne Pruitt, Professor Emerita of Nursing
Dr. Jerome V. Reel, Jr., Professor Emeritus of History and Senior Vice Provost
Dr. Calvin Schoulties, Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology and Physiology and Dean
Dr. David Senn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Dr. Dolores Stegelin, Professor Emerita of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Bonnie Stevens, Senior Lecturer (retired), Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Dr. William Stringer, Associate Professor Emeritus of Agronomy and Soils, Vice Chair
Dr. Jerry Trapnell, Associate Professor Emeritus of Accountancy and Dean
Dr. Carol Weatherford, Professor Emerita of Teacher Education

Mrs. Lucy Eubanks, Lecturer (retired), Chemistry; CU AROHE Liaison
Dr. Debra Jackson, Professor Emerita of Nursing; Emeritus College Director
Dr. Elaine Richardson, Professor Emerita of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Director of the Academic Success Center; Undergraduate Committee Chair
Dr. Dan Warner, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Faculty Senate Liaison

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