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Emeritus College Long Range Plan

Download a PDF of this plan.

Two Goals Ranked Most Urgent and First Priority:

  • Appoint a task force to study and recommend appropriate staffing for the Emeritus College prior to the retirement of the current Director of the Emeritus College.
  • Secure a reliable and sustainable annual operating budget for the Emeritus College.

Four Goals Ranked Second Priority:

  • Establish and elect a Faculty Senate representative from the Emeritus College.
  • Create an endowment within the Clemson University Foundation with a goal of raising $50,000 to fund the Emeritus Scholar program.
  • Increase the percentage of emeriti who are donors to the Emeritus College from 14% to 20%, and capture data on gifts and bequests to Clemson University made by members of the Emeritus College.
  • Increase the use of digital technology and social media to benefit the members of the Emeritus College, such as increased communications with links to the existing archive of video interviews of emeriti, and alerting emeriti to non-­‐profit opportunities for volunteering or social activism.

Eight Goals Ranked Third Priority:

  • Seek creative ways to grow and diversify Emeritus College programming.
  • Expand the highly successful SPEAK test administration and evaluation to a marketable program for use around the country as a revenue-­‐generating function of emeritus faculty.
  • Create an informal Clemson University Roadmap to Retirement resource that contains frequently asked questions.
  • Develop an inventory of expertise and identify those emeriti who would be willing to volunteer to become a resource to campus projects, faculty, staff and students.
  • Create a pool of “seed money” for projects and proposals that involve research partnerships between students and Emeriti faculty.
  • Create a group of emeriti who can build a relationship with the Clemson University Archives that helps guide emeriti faculty in their decisions about their professional materials and files, as well as assist retiring faculty in the move out of their office.
  • Expand the effort to mentor and/or coach students in cooperation with Student Affairs focusing on those in academic difficulty due to social or life skills issues.
  • Establish a policy for providing space in the ENTOX building in Pendleton to emeriti who wish to maintain an office for ongoing research and teaching.