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Emeritus College Strategic Plan

Download a PDF of this plan.

Recognizing the potential for continued engagement with emeritus faculty who remain in the Clemson area after retirement, the Clemson University Emeritus College was established in 2003. The University has supported the College with resources including facilities, administrative and staff support, operational funds, technology, etc. In late 2016, the Director identified a need to update the College’s strategic plan and a committee was appointed. The committee has met regularly since January 2017, and now forward the strategic plan outlined below to the Emeritus College Advisory Board. As a preamble to this work, it is important to review key outcomes of the work of the College as it has evolved since its formation:

  • The College has a roster of almost 800 members, and works closely with the University’s Office of Human Resources in maintaining its roster of members.
  • The College regularly holds events for emeritus faculty, including the fall Emeritus Day, a holiday event, and a spring picnic, where new emeritus faculty are welcomed to the College. Additional professional and social events are regularly sponsored by the College.
  • College members provide material service to Clemson University through a variety of initiatives.  Examples include administering the Clemson English-Speaking Proficiency (CESP) test for non-native English speakers; organizing and staffing the Conversations with International Students (CIS) program, which helps international students improve their English skills; supporting Creative Inquiry Classes; and assisting students through Academic Success Center programs.
  • The Clemson University Emeritus College is a member of the Association for Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE) and continues to have a Clemson emeritus faculty member elected to membership on their national board of directors, as has been the case for several years.
  • The Clemson University Faculty Manual and Constitution provide substantial benefits to emeritus faculty, including free on-campus parking, library privileges, software downloads, some free athletic admissions, and discounts at the campus bookstore and computer store.
  • The College conducts an active philanthropic program, which annually funds two student scholarships.
  • The College annually presents the Kenelly–Voss Distinguished Emeriti Award to a member who has rendered outstanding service to the College and University.
  • The College supports community involvement through support for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), Pickens County United Way, and other community service agencies.