Meal planning

Suggested Shopping list from which to select hurricane meal kit items.

Most canned foods can be safely stored for up to one year, and freeze-dried and dehydrated foods remain wholesome indefinitely, if kept dry.

Canned Main Dish Items

Beef chili with beans Clam chowder Oysters
Beef ravish Codfish cakes Oyster stew
Beef stew Corned beef Pork and beans
Beef stroganoff Corned beef hash Pork luncheon meat
Beef tamales in sauce Crab Cream of shrimp soup Refried beans
Beef taco filling Creamed chipped beef Salisbury steak in mushroom gravy
Blackeyed peas Danish ham Salmon
Boned chicken Deviled ham Sardines
Boned turkey Ham loaf Shrimp
Chicken a la king Lasagna Sliced fried beef
Chicken and dumplings Liverwurst spread Soups, all varieties
Chicken stew Lobster Spaghetti and meatballs
Chopped beef Lobster bisque with sherry Split pea soup
Chopped ham Macaroni and cheese Tuna
Chow mein   Vienna sausages

Canned Vegetables

American potato salad Hominy Poke salad greens
Artichoke hearts Macaroni salad Sweet cucumber chips
Beans, all types Mixed vegetables Sweet potatoes or yams
Bean salad Okra with tomatoes Tossed vegetable mixture
Carrots Olives Turnip greens
Corn Pear shaped tomatoes Zucchini squash
German potato salad Pickled vegetable mixture  

Canned Fruits and Juices

Applesauce Fruit cocktail Peaches
Apricots Fruit juices, all kinds Pears
Blackberries Fruit pie fillings Plums
Blueberries Gooseberries Prunes
Easy open fruit puddings Grapefruit sections Raspberries
Figs Mandarin oranges Spiced pears

Dehydrated Foods
(Requiring only water or reconstituted milk)

Instant breakfast substitutes Instant chocolate drink powder Nonfat dry milk powder
Instant beverage powder Instant puddings Whole dry milk powder

Ready To Eat Foods

Bottled hot sauce Enriched saltine crackers Preserves, jams, jellies Raisins
Bottled, sealed salad dressing Enriched graham (whole wheat) crackers Salt, pepper
Bread sticks Evaporated milk Sealed tartar sauce
Catsup Graham cracker pie crusts Spanish peanuts
Cookies made from enriched flours Melba toast Sugar, honey
Corn chips Mustard Vinegar
Dried fruits Oyster crackers Whole wheat or enriched snack crackers
Dry cereals Packaged taco shells Worcestershire sauce
  Peanut butter Zwieback toast