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Consumers' Corner
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Peach FAQ
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SC-ETV "Making It Grow" with Roland Alston which aired on July 31, 2012. The interview features a discussion between Dr. Desmond Layne and Mr. Roland Alston (program host) about the peach research program at the Clemson University Musser Fruit Research Farm in Seneca, SC.

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Desmond Layne, everything about peachesIn 1961, with the support of President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. Congress declared that "a principal objective of the foreign policy of the United States is the encouragement and sustained support of the people of developing countries in their efforts to acquire the knowledge and resources essential to development and to build the economic, political, and social institutions which will improve the quality of their lives" (Foreign Assistance Act). The resulting creation of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) more than 50 years ago has led to current efforts in more than 100 countries with the purpose of "furthering America's foreign policy interests in expanding democracy and free markets while also extending a helping hand to people struggling to make a better life, recovering from a disaster, or striving to live in a free and democratic country. It is this caring that stands as a hallmark of the United States around the world. Continue ...

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