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Centennial Professorship

The Centennial Professorship is bestowed by the Clemson University faculty upon an outstanding colleague who is tenured or has a tenure-track appointment with demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas: undergraduate and/or graduate teaching, applied and/or basic research, public/extension service, and librarianship. The award will be approximately $12,000 per year, which can be used at the recipient’s discretion for a salary supplement, travel, supplies, equipment, and/or graduate student support. The Centennial Professorship is for a non-renewable two-year term. Recipients are recognized at the General Faculty Meeting in May. Caricatures by Kate Salley Palmer of award recipients are placed in the Madren Center.

The Centennial Professorship was established by the Faculty Senate in 1988. In 1987, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution concerning establishing a named professorship to honor excellence in teaching. The Centennial Professorship is the professorship created from that initiative. The faculty of Clemson University and their friends raised funds, and the Commission of Higher Education rewarded a matching grant to Clemson University for the creation of the Centennial Professorship fund. Since 1992, the Centennial Professorship Award has promoted excellence in teaching, research, service, and librarianship.

A call for nominations with details is sent from the Faculty Senate Office to all faculty every odd year, early in the spring semester. A set colleges is eligible every other year: AAH, BSHS, and University Libraries (2019), ECAS and Business (2021), and AFLS, Education, and Science (2023). The Faculty Senate President chairs the selection committee of one administrator, one endowed/titled chair, and two faculty-at-large (not from that year’s eligible colleges) who are selected by the Senate, by secret ballot.

Award Winners
Schnabel Caricature
2017 - Guido Schnabel

Dr. Guido Schnabel is a Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist at Clemson University with over 20 years of experience working with pathogens of fruit crops. He has an active research and extension program focused on management of small fruit and stone fruit diseases. His basic research program investigates the evolution and molecular mechanisms of fungicide resistance in various plant pathogens and his applied research program includes fungicide efficacy testing, the development of cultural disease management strategies, and ways to prevent fruit skin disorders. He provides location-specific resistance monitoring services for strawberry and peach growers in South Carolina and 10 other states on the East coast, implements decision support systems to minimize the number of spray applications, and helps develop smart sprayer technology to further reduce pesticide input. He is the creator of the MyIPM smartphone apps that provide critical pest and disease diagnostics and management information for fruit growers. He helped raise more than $30 million in competitive funding, of which more than $4 million directly supported his program. His USAID-funded outreach in Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia helped improve the lives of dozens of farm families. He has authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles in premier scientific journals and published multiple book chapters. For his efforts and documented impact on disease management in fruit production, he received two national awards from the American Phytopathological Society: the ‘Lee Hutchins Award for Excellence in Tree Fruit Research’ and the ‘Excellence in Extension Award’. He is also a past recipient of the Clemson University Godley-Snell Award for Excellence in Research. 


Other past award winners include:
  • Richard Figliola (2015)
    Richard Figliola, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
  • Laura Olson (2013)
    Laura Olson
  • Roger Grant (2004)
    Roger Grant
  • Sid Gauthreaux (2002)
    Sid Gauthreaux
  • Darren Dawson (2000)
    Darren Dawson
  • Don Clayton (1996)
    Don Clayton
  • Fran McGuire (1994)
    Fran McGuire
  • Jim Goree (1992)
    Jim Goree

Other past award winners include: David C. Guynn (2008), Murray Daw (2006) and Ray Sawyer (1998).

Caricatures of Award Recipients are by Kate Salley Palmer, a cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who lives in Clemson.