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  • Epsilon-Zeta Drive Closure (parking and foot traffic)Epsilon-Zeta Drive, near Long/Jordan Halls will be closed. The closure will affect parking and foot traffic starting Monday, May 15th. The disruption is anticipated to last...
  • Exterior Building and Plaza CleaningJune 15th through August 10th various buildings and plazas around campus will have their exterior cleaned. 90% of the cleanings will occur between dusk and dawn, as not to...
  • Jun 24 12am - Aug 18 Fike Renovation Disruption
    Fike Renovation DisruptionA sauna and steam room will be constructed on the East end of the lap pool. The renovation project will begin June 5th and last until August 18th. The small parking area at...
  • Jun 24 12am - Sep 1 Jervey Athletic Center
    Jervey Athletic CenterRenovation work will continue in Jervey Athletic Center from approximately 6/24/17 until 9/1/17. The building will reamin open while this renovation work occurs.

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