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2016-17 Clemson University Staff Senate Scholarship Recipients

We would like to take this time to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 2016-2017 Staff Senate scholarship recipients! We admire the hard work and determination of every individual recipient of the Staff Senate scholarship this year. There remains no doubt that these traits have been instilled in this particular group of students by the invaluable Clemson University staff parents responsible for such a great group of collegiate scholars. The recipients of this year’s annual Staff Senate scholarship are:

  • Ethan Barnette – Agricultural Mech & Business – Staff Parent: Todd Barnette
  • Margaret Borick – Elementary Education – Staff Parent: Paul Borick Jr.
  • Rachel Dinger – History – Staff Parent: Christine Dinger
  • Virginia Ellis – Packing Science – Staff Parent: Jacqueline Ellis
  • Thomas Holliday – Mathematical Sciences – Staff Parent: Jeffrey Holliday
  • Natalie Ivey – Bioengineering – Staff Parent: Kimberly Ivey
  • Austin Lay – Philosophy – Staff Parent: C. Robin Lay
  • Turner Lomas – General Engineering – Staff Parent: Elizabeth Milam
  • Siliang Luo – Computer Science – Staff Parent: Qian Hu
  • Kendalee Marcus – Special Education – Staff Parent: Lisa Marcus
  • Lauren Palermo – Nursing – Staff Parent: Dan Hofmann
  • Hannah Reeves – Psychology – Staff Parent: Susan Reeves

Again, we offer our sincere thanks and congratulations to these outstanding, well-deserving 2016-17 Staff Senate scholarship recipients. Your accomplishments serve as an inspiration to all of our Clemson Family!