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Credit/Debit Card Security Awareness

Clemson University and Payment Cards

The term "Payment Card" refers to credit cards and debit cards.  The ability to accept payment card transactions has become a necessity for increased customer service, particularly with the increase in e-commerce.  The University recognizes that use of payment cards may stimulate sales in certain types of transactions and may increase cash collections efficiencies.  The need to protect our customer's payment card data is essential.  This page provides University departments/units with essential information regarding the requirements and best practices for payment card related activities

Clemson University Credit/Debit Card Acceptance Policy
Credit Card Security Awareness

This brochure has been created to provide basic information about the payment card environment at Clemson University.  It is a great starting place for faculty, staff, and others at CU that may be considering payment card activities.

Things to Remember:
  1. Thinking about accepting payment cards or changing your current process?  Contact the Banking Coordinator first!
  2. Do NOT request or send any payment card information by e-mail.  If someone emails their data to you, you should make them aware that, for their own safety, they should not do it again.  Delete the email ASAP.
  3. NEVER record data in any electronic format (Excel files, databases, etc.) unless you have been  authorized to do so by the Banking Service Coordinator and in compliance with University policy.
  4. Do NOT request, record, or store any of the magnetic stripe data or the credit card confirmation code (3 digit code on the back of many cards, 4 digit code on the front of American Express cards).
  5. Please do NOT offer to enter payment card data into our online payment application on behalf of the customer.

We recommend:

Cash Receipting at Clemson University

This course is designed for anyone at the University who handles or supervises the handling of cash, checks, and credit card transactions.  Attendees will learn about cash handling best practices and topics that include: payment card and PCI, cash receipting, and reconciliation. This course is currently in development - check back soon!

Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

What is PCI?  These are national standards from the Payment Card Security Standards Council and apply to all organizations anywhere in the country that process, transmit, or store credit cardholder data.   The University and all departments that receive/process payment card data have a contractual obligation to adhere to the PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).  We must adhere to these standards to protect our customers and to continue to process transactions using payment cards.  Each year, departments and units that are conducting payment card activities will be subject to a review of processes and procedures by the University Banking Services Coordinator assuring their compliance with the PCI data security standards.

PCI Security Standards Council - The PCI Security Standards Council was founded by the major payment card industries (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) to manage the continued development, communication, clarification and implementation of the PCI standards.  The PCI SSC site is the best resource for questions related to the standards.