Authorized User/Parent

Parent/ Authorized User Login

Students are permitted to add authorized users to their accounts that may have an interest in their financial records. Authorized users can be granted varying levels of access to the student's account to include the ability to view the student's tuition bill, make a payment, enroll in a payment plan, retrieve 1098-T tax information or enroll in eRefund for the Federal Parent PLUS Loan.

If you have already been granted authorized user access, log in to review your student's financial records or make a payment. Students must log in to iRoar to access this information.

FERPA Compliance

To remain in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a law administered by the federal government, Clemson University is required to protect the privacy of student education records and provide timely access to and the ability to amend those education records. For students at higher education institutions, FERPA rights belong to the student, not the parent(s), regardless of the student's age or the fact that the parent(s) may pay the tuition bill.

FERPA applies to any public or private institution of higher education that receives funds under programs administered by the Department of Education, including but not limited to federal grants, Pell grants, and guaranteed student loans. In other words, it applies to Clemson University as well as most other colleges and universities.

Student Financial Services can release some student education records (including billing and payment records such as the student tuition bill, payment history, or tax information) to parents/guardians with the student's written consent. Students can provide this written consent by logging into their iRoar account, selecting the "Student Billing" tab, clicking the "My Bill" button, and choosing the "Authorized Users" tab at the top of the page.  Students can add as many authorized users as necessary and can provide as much access to their student financial records as they see fit.

Please note that Student Financial Services staff is NOT able to add or edit authorized user information.

Furthermore, authorized users for billing and payment purposes are not granted access to enrollment records, grades, financial aid information or other student records. They are not permitted to enroll in eRefunds, other than for a Parent PLUS loan. (See Parent PLUS eRefunds for more detail.)

Please contact our Student Financial Aid Office at 864-656-2280 or at to inquire about privacy requirements for financial aid.

Please visit the Office of General Counsel for more information about FERPA by calling 864-656-3414 or contact our Registrar's Office at 864-656-2171.