Paying Your Bill Questions

  • When will my bill be available?

    Fall semester bills are released in mid-late July. Spring semester bills are released mid-late November. Summer bills are released mid-late April. Due dates will be posted to our website.

  • How will I receive my student bill?

    Your student bill will be available online approximately one month before the beginning of the term. To view and pay the bill, you may log in to iROAR, go to the "Student Billing" tab, and click on the "My Bill" link.

  • Why can the Student Financial Services Office not speak with my parent/spouse?

    Due to FERPA regulations, we can only discuss an account with the student expressly unless permission is granted by designating individuals as Authorized Users. A student can add an Authorized User via iROAR. You can find additional information about assigning an Authorized User.

  • May I keep a credit balance for future charges?

    No, credit balances are automatically refunded and may not be carried forward to future terms.

  • Who do I contact if I am an SC resident being charged as a non-resident?

    The Office of Student Financial Aid makes all Residency decisions. Please visit the Clemson Residency Classification website for more information.

  • How is my balance satisfied if I am supposed to have a Graduate Assistantship?

    Graduate Assistantship fee reductions are processed between your department and the graduate school. If your fees do not reflect the reduction, contact your department. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay the amount shown on your bill.

  • I am a Graduate Student with my own insurance. Can I have the student insurance for Graduate Students waived?

    You may qualify for a student insurance waiver. Please visit the student insurance website if you want to apply for the student insurance waiver.

  • Why am I being charged the Health fee if I have my own insurance or if I am covered under my parents' insurance?

    The Health fee is not health insurance. The Health Fee is a mandatory fee for all students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours on campus (3 or more during the Summer sessions). The health fee provides students with a staff of doctors and nurses with no charge per "office visit" at Redfern Health Center.

  • What is a part-time student?

    A part-time undergraduate student (for fee payment purposes) enrolls in less than 12 regular semester credit hours during both the Fall and Spring semesters. A part-time graduate student (for fee payment purposes) enrolls in less than 9 regular semester credit hours for both the Fall and Spring semesters. 

  • What is an eCheck?

    An eCheck is an electronic direct debit to your checking account. You can use any checking account provided it allows a direct draft and is from an account with a US bank. We can only accept payments in US dollars. When making an eCheck payment, you must provide your routing number and account number. Please verify this information with your financial institution. There is no convenience fee associated with an eCheck. Verification of your bank account number and funds availability will occur through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system. The debit to your bank account will occur within 2-3 business days after the payment transaction is completed online. To avoid overdrafts, we strongly recommend that sufficient funds be available at the time of payment. Equity line accounts and investment accounts cannot be used for ACH debit transactions. Please verify the account information with your financial institution if you are uncertain. We encourage students to use the eCheck option instead of mailing a physical check.

  • Where should I send my private scholarship check?

    These awards, also referred to as "Outside Scholarships," are funded by various individuals, organizations, and companies. If you have received a check from a non-Clemson, donor-selected, or private scholarship, please instruct them to send the scholarship check to our office. Please ask that they include your name, CU ID number, and mail to the following address:

    Clemson University
    Student Financial Services

    Attn: Outside Scholarships
    G-08 Sikes Hall Box 345307
    Clemson, SC 29634

    Please note that we will not post a private scholarship to your student bill until our office receives the check.

  • How can I print my statement on letterhead?

    Students and authorized users may print eBill statements via Touchnet. To view a statement, you can log in to iROAR, go to the "Student Billing" tab, and click on the "My Bill" link. You will see the Statements section in the middle of the page. Click the "View Statements" button to access your Billing Statement history.

    Additionally, you may print an On-Demand Statement to show the current account balance and details. Click the "On Demand Statement" button to access.

  • Why is my balance reflected in Touchnet different than the latest eStatement?

    The online bill in Touchnet reflects the student's current registration and billing information. eStatements are generated on the 1st of every month. Any changes after the statement has been generated for the current month will not be reflected until the next month's statement.

    You may run an On-Demand Statement to show the current account balance and details.

  • Who do I contact if my Financial Aid (loans, scholarships, grants) is not showing on my student bill?

    The Office of Student Financial Aid handles all questions regarding loans, scholarships, grants, and FAFSA. Please contact their office at (864) 656-2280 or finaid@clemson.edu for all aid-related questions.

  • Can I add my books to my tuition bill?

    Any student purchasing books through the Clemson Barnes & Noble bookstore will need to pay directly to the bookstore.

Past Due Account Questions