Finance Division

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying Your Bill Questions

How will I receive my student bill?

Your student bill will be available online approximately one month before the beginning of the term. To view and pay the bill you can login to iROAR, click on the "Student Financial Services" tab, then click on the "My Bill" button.

How can parents access the student bill on iROAR?

Students can add a parent as an Authorized User via TouchNet. Students can click on the "Authorized Users" tab via TouchNet, enter their parent's email address, and an email with login instructions will then be sent to the parent. Authorized users can view the bill, make a tuition payment, and signup for a payment plan. Authorized Users cannot enroll for eRefund or access enrollment/academic records. Authorized users have a unique login to iROAR.

Do you accept credit cards for student bill payments?

Credit card payments are accepted online only. Clemson University accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards for tuition and fee payments. A 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee (minimum charge of $3.00) will be assessed at the time of the transaction. E-Checks are Clemson University's preferred method of payment.  You may make a secure e-Check payment online with NO convenience fee!

May I keep a credit balance for future charges?

No, credit balances are automatically refunded to you.  You may however, use those funds to pay for future charges at your own discretion.

Who do I contact if I am a SC resident being charged as a non-resident?

Residency decisions are made within the Financial Aid Office. Please visit their website for more information.

How is my balance satisfied if I am supposed to have a Graduate Assistantship?

Graduate Assistantship fee reductions are processed between your department and the graduate school. If your fees do not reflect the reduction, contact your department. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay the amount shown on your bill.

I am a Graduate Student with my own insurance. Can I have the student insurance for Graduate Students waived?

You may qualify for a student insurance waiver. Please visit the student insurance website if you would like to apply for the student insurance waiver.

Why am I being charged the Health fee if I have my own insurance or if I am covered under my parents insurance?

The Health fee is not health insurance. The Health fee is a mandatory fee for all enrolled students that are enrolled in 6 or more credit hours on campus (3 or more during the Summer sessions). The health fee provides students with a staff of doctors and nurses with no charge per "office visit" at Redfern Health Center.

What is a part time student?

A part-time undergraduate student (for fee payment purposes), is one who is enrolled in less than 12 regular semester credit hours during both Fall and Spring semesters.  A part-time graduate student for fee payment purposes, is one who is enrolled in less than 9 regular semester credit hours for both Fall and Spring semesters.  During the summer semester, part-time undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in less than 6 credit hours.

How will I get my refund of excess financial aid?

Refunds will be processed by the first day of classes for full-time students who have a credit balance. Direct deposit via eRefund is the University's preferred method of refund and will soon become mandatory. You can sign up for eRefunds by logging into iROAR and clicking on the "eRefunds" tab. All refunds made by check are mailed to the permanent home address.

What is an e-Check?

We encourage students to use the e-check option instead of mailing a physical check.  An e-Check is an electronic direct debit to your checking account. Any checking account can be used provided it allows a direct draft and is drawn from an account with a US bank. We can only accept payments in US dollars. When making an e-Check payment, you must provide your routing number and account number. Please verify this information with your financial institution.

There is no convenience fee associated with an e-Check. Verification of your bank account number and funds availability will occur through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system.  The debit to your bank account will occur within 2 to 3 business days after the payment transaction is completed online. To avoid overdrafts, it is strongly recommended that there are sufficient funds available at the time of payment.

Equity line accounts and investment accounts cannot be used for ACH debit transactions. Please verify account information with your financial institution if you are uncertain.

How can I use my 529 College Savings Plan to pay my child’s college tuition?

You will need to contact your 529 plan’s administrator. The plan administrators will provide you with instructions on how to authorize a withdrawal from your 529 College Savings Plan. You may request that the 529 plan send the disbursement directly to Clemson University to be posted to the student’s account.  Most 529 College Savings Plan disbursements take a few weeks to be received by the University.  To avoid potential late payment fees, please request funds in ample time to meet payment deadlines.  Payments that are submitted by 529 savings plans should include the student's name and ID number, and be mailed directly to the University at:

Clemson University
Student Financial Services
G-08 Sikes Hall Box 345307
Clemson, SC 29634

Does the University have a tuition payment plan?

Yes, the university has developed tuition payment plans for the fall and spring semesters only. Please click  here for more information.

Where should I send my private scholarship check?

If you have received a scholarship from a private organization, please instruct them to send the scholarship check to our office. Please ask that they include your name and ID number and mail to the following address:

Student Financial Services
Attn: Outside Scholarships
G-08 Sikes Hall Box 345307
Clemson, SC 29634

Please note that we will not post a private scholarship to your student bill until the check is received by our office.  

Past Due Account Questions

My schedule was cancelled for non-payment. What do I do?

If your class schedule was cancelled for non-payment before the last day to add/drop, you can add your courses back via iROAR. If your courses are dropped after the last day to add/drop, you must go to the Registrar's website and select the orange box and complete the withdrawal form. There is a $150 re-registration fee assessed to any student whose class schedule is cancelled for non-payment. Once that is completed, you must be prepared to make full payment, along with late fees. Payments can be made online via e-check or credit card on iROAR.

If a financial hold is placed on my records, what actions should I take in order to get the hold released?

Contact Student Financial Services (864-656-5592) to make arrangements to satisfy the conditions of the hold obligation.

Can I use financial aid to cover my balance from the previous semester?

No. You cannot use Federal Title IV Financial Aid to pay for prior term balances. Prior term balances must be paid in order to use any subsequent Federal Title IV funds. Private loans or scholarships may be able to be used to pay for prior term balances. Please contact Financial Aid at 864-656-2280 for additional information.

Can I request a transcript if I owe a balance to Clemson University?

Any student with a balance greater than $50 will be unable to request a transcript from Clemson University. Please contact Student Financial Services at 864-656-5592 to discuss your balance and determine payment options.

Optional Fees Questions

How do I change my meal plan or deposit funds onto my Tiger One Card?

Optional fees can be added by logging into iROAR, clicking on the Student Financial Services tab, and clicking on the "Optional Fees" button. After the beginning of the semester, all meal plan changes must be done in accordance with the deadlines established by the TigerOne Card Office. Students/parents may deposit up to $2500 per semester to student's Tigerstripe accounts through the Student Financial Services office. For deposits in excess of $2500, please contact the TigerOne Card Office.

How do I purchase my parking permit?

All students with a Clemson University user ID and password (and who are able to log on to the University's computer network) must purchase their parking permit with a credit card or with their tuition and fees at the Parking Services website:

Student Loan Questions

How do I obtain infomation about my Federal Perkins Loans?

Student Financial Services is responsible for the collection of Federal Perkins Loans. We contract with a third party billing company, Heartland ECSI, Inc, for the billing and collection of our Federal Perkins Student Loans. Their website address is You may access this site to obtain a wide variety of information regarding your Federal Perkins loan accounts, such as:

1. 1098-E Tax Information

2. Online bill payments

3. Information and setup procedures for Automatic Monthly Payments

4. Deferment, Forbearance and Cancellation Forms

What is a Perkins Loan Exit Interview?

The purpose of the Perkins Loan Exit Interview is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities regarding repayment of any loan(s) you have received while attending Clemson University. This conference also allows you the opportunity to complete the exit interview forms as required by federal regulations.

Please make a special note of the following:
1. Federal regulations require that students complete an exit interview when:

    a) The student drops below six credit hours of study

    b) The student graduates

    c) The student withdraws from Clemson University

    d) The student transfers from to another University

2. If you are unable to make a scheduled payment for any reason, have changed your name, or need to update billing address notify Heartland ECSI, Inc.

3. The billing agent for Clemson University is: (website:

Heartland ECSI, Inc.
181 Montour Run Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108

4. It is your responsibility to notify Heartland ECSI at 181 Montour Run Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108 or call 1-888-549-ECSI if you have changed your name or billing address.

5. If you are eligible for deferment, postponement, or partial cancellation benefits, you must file the appropriate form and be properly certified in a timely manner. Forms are available from our billing agent and can be accessed by following this link.

How do I obtain information about my William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loans?

Information and processing of Federal Direct Stafford Subsudized Loans, Federal Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loans, and Federal Direct PLUS Loans is NOT maintained by Student Financial Services. For information on these types of loans, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (864) 656-2280.