Finance Division

Billing Information

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• Student bills are available exclusively online through iROAR. Students can login using their userid and password, Authorized Users can also access the student bill using your unique userid and password. The online bill reflects the student’s current registration and billing information. Because the bill is real-time, students can verify that all fees are satisfied before the payment deadlines.

• Students can add a parent as an Authorized User via TouchNet. Students can click on the "Authorized users" tab via TouchNet, enter their parent's email address, and an email with login instructions will then be sent to the parent. Authorized users can view the bill, make a tuition payment, and signup for a payment plan. Authorized Users cannot enroll for eRefund. Authorized users have a unique login to iROAR.

• If you cannot access your bill online, please call 864-656-5592.

• If your fees change for any reason after your initial payment is made (i.e. housing adjustment, meal plan addition, change in schedule, etc.), it is the student’s responsibility to ensure prompt payment of the balance is made. Login to iROAR to view your current charges and payment status.

•A $50 late registration fee is charged for paying and/or registering after the published dates for Summer sessions. The late registration fee is non-refundable.

Effective Fall 2014

  • Late payment fee is $150. Applies when payment is made after the due date. 
  • Re-instatement fee is  $150. Applies when a student's registration is cancelled for non-payment and the student re-registers. The late payment fee may also apply.
  • A mid-term billing fee of $75 will apply to any student account with an outstanding balance at the mid-semester point. This fee is assessed in October for Fall semester, and March for Spring semester.