Finance Division

Health Fee Policy

University policy requires all students registered enrolled for six or more on-campus credit hours (three or more during each summer terms session) to pay the University health fee. The health fee supports all of the services offered at Redfern by Student Health Services and includes:

  • Professional services of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and health promotion professionals at no additional cost.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services including individual, couples, and group sessions, workshops, online treatment programs, case management and crisis intervention.
  • Reduced costs on pharmaceuticals, immunizations, laboratory and X-ray services.
  • After hours nurse line: 864-656-2233, option 2.
  • Secondary urgent-care insurance benefit that pays up to $500 per incident for expenses incurred in the treatment of emergency accidental injury that occurs when Redfern Health Center is closed or student is more than 30 miles from Redfern Health Center.
  • Health and wellness promotion and prevention programs, presentations and resources from Healthy Campus.
  • Surveillance and reporting of infectious disease threats.
  • Emergency planning and response.
  • Campus public health policy consultation.