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Plan of Study

The GS2 is online and accessible through iroar. Submitting a GS2 is a 2 step process that includes A) Committee Selection and B) Plan of Study. Below are the steps to navigate the GS2 online.

Degree-seeking master’s and specialist’s students must submit the GS2 by the middle of their second semester. Doctoral students must submit the GS2 no later than the beginning of their fourth semester of study. The final version of the student’s GS2 must be on file by the date specified by Enrolled Services (graduation deadlines can be found on the deadlines page),or a late fee of $25 for the first day and $5 for every additional day will be charged.

  1. 1 Go to the iRoar portal and select the "Current students, faculty and staff" option (login required).
  2. 2 On the next screen click the iRoar button iRoar Button located under the "Current and Future Terms" heading.
  3. 3  From here click the Student buttoniRoar Student Button.
  4. 4 Select the Registration tabiRoar Registration Tab that appears just below the student button, and you should now see several options including the GS2 links.

From here you have access to both the GS2 Committee Selection and to the GS2 Plan of Study. Please review the Policies and the Helpful Tips below before you move forward in setting up your plan of study.

For a more in depth review on how to complete your committee selection please review this Committee Selection document.

To review steps on completing your Plan of Study please review this Plan of Study document.

TIMELINE — Student must select his/her committee and get approval prior to the submitting of the actual plan of study. Degree-seeking master’s and specialist’s students must submit the GS2 by the middle of their second semester. Doctoral students must submit the GS2 no later than the beginning of their fourth semester of study. Under the approval process a student must select his committee and get approval of the committee and all other parties prior to the submitting of the actual plan of study.

Plan of Study Policy

Policy: A degree-seeking student must file a Plan of Study or graduate degree curriculum (Form GS2) in accordance with the Office of Enrolled Student Services' timeline. The Plan of Study must be filed near the beginning of each student's program of study. Students pursuing the master's or specialist's degree must submit the curriculum by the middle of their second semester following matriculation and doctoral students must submit the curriculum no later than the beginning of their fourth semester of study following matriculation. Students who do not submit their Plans of Study in accordance with these guidelines will have their privilege to register for courses blocked until the Form GS2 is received by the Office of Enrolled Student Services. Since fixed curricula normally do not exist for graduate degrees, this planned program represents an individual student's curriculum as recommended by the advisory committee. It must adhere to departmental as well as University policies. All transfer courses listed on the GS2 must be courses taken for credit from accredited degree-granting institutions whose scholastic reputation is acceptable to Clemson University.

Procedure for student: The student must consult with the major advisor and other members of the advisory committee to agree on the appropriate courses and other experiences necessary in order to earn the intended graduate degree. Before a Plan of Study (Form GS2) is officially approved by the Graduate School, it must be signed by the student, the advisory committee, departmental chair and college dean. It is then forwarded to the Office of Enrolled Student Services for approval and distribution. Students are not allowed to submit preliminary Plans of Study thru the electronic Work Flow but many departments recommend students to do this as being part of the normal planning process. The Plan of Study may be created as a document for approval on the student’s Self Service Banner Portal under the Student registration tab and labeled GS Plan of Study. 

Advisory committee, Selection Procedure

Policy: Every student enrolled in the Graduate School must have an advisory committee. The advisory committee approves the student's degree curriculum, supervises the graduate program, administers the final oral examination (if required), and initiates the recommendation for the awarding of the degree. In addition, the advisory committee may administer qualifying (or preliminary) or final comprehensive examinations. One member of the committee is designated as chair or major advisor and normally directs the student's dissertation or thesis, if required.

Procedure for student: A student must select an advisory committee in consultation with the department chair or graduate program coordinator. Students should refer to their graduate program handbooks for proper program procedures for selecting this committee in accordance with the rules of their specific program. Once advisory committee members are selected and approved, the student, department and committee members are notified of the fully constituted committee by means of the approved Plan of Study (Form GS2).

Advisory committee, composition

A minimum of three faculty members are to be selected by a student seeking a master's or specialist's degree, and a minimum of four faculty and maximum of five members are to be selected by a student seeking a doctoral degree.  Selected non-thesis  and master’s in engineering programs may only have a chair and no other members. The majority of the advisory committee, including the major advisor, must be comprised of Clemson University faculty who hold full-time, tenure-track positions. Either the major advisor or at least half of the committee must hold rank in the program offering the degree. If a minor is declared, this area must be represented on the committee. Emeriti faculty may serve as advisory committee members but may not serve as chair of the advisory committee. Committee members of interdepartmental programs are to be appointed according to bylaws formulated by the program faculty and endorsed by the Graduate School that assure appropriate representation of the participating departments. Part-time visiting and other non-tenure-track faculty employed by Clemson University may serve on the advisory committee but may not serve as chair. Persons not employed by the University may serve on the advisory committee; if they serve as one of the statutory members of the committee, they must be appointed to adjunct faculty status. All duly appointed committee members have full voting status on the outcomes of all examinations given by the committee. It is possible for co-chairs to direct the activities of the advisory committee. This special arrangement must be made with the consent of the dean of the Graduate School.

Helpful Hints

  1. When selecting your committee, please discuss the process with your Program Coordinator or the departmental chair before speaking with individual faculty. Your first task is to find a committee chair. Then speak with faculty members about their willingness to participate on your committee. Once you have their verbal agreement, then complete the Committee Selection Workflow on your SSB portal. When all committee members have accepted the request to be on your committee, then you may prepare the Plan of Study.
  2. It is recommended that you enter the Committee Chair first and then enter your remaining committee members.
  3. Before sitting down to enter your GS2 Plan of Study, have a completed list of courses that your committee members have tentatively agreed would satisfy your academic course requirements.
  4. When moving up and down in the form, use the scroll option on your mouse.
  5. Not all departments require the term that you have taken or will take a course, so check with your program coordinator about departmental preference.
  6. If you are taking the non-thesis option, make sure that you have discussed with the program coordinator any other requirements that may need to be completed. For example – will a GS-7 be required?
  7. Transfer work can be listed by selecting courses numbered 6999, 7999, and 8999, then adding an explanation in the transfer block.
  8. Remember, once you hit submit, you will not be able to alter your GS2 until everyone has approved or someone has denied your plan.
  9. Note the two blocks at the bottom of the page when entering any information. You MUST click the update box before submitting it for approval.