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What Is IPM?
Managing Specific Pests
IPM Resources

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Resources for IPM

Clemson University IPM Resources
Clemson University Sustainable Agriculture Program Training Program
Department of Pesticide Regulation at Clemson University: IPM
Clemson Home and Garden Information Center

Clemson Research & Extension Program IPM Publications:

Organic Agriculture Pest Management
Introduction to Integrated Pest Managment in Organic Farming Systems
Sustainable/Organic Pest Management
Organic IPM Field Guide
Organic Vegetable IPM Guide
Resource Guide For Organic Insect and Disease Management
eXtension COP on Organic Agriculture

Regional IPM Programs
Southern Region IPM Center
Northeastern IPM Center
North Central IPM Center
Western IPM Center

National Resources
Insecticide Resistance: Causes and Action
NSF Center for Integrated Pest Management
The IPM Institute of North America
Integrated Plant Protection Center Database of IPM Resources
Environmental Protection Agency IPM Principles
National Umbrella for Regional IPM Centers IPM Learning Lessons

International Web Sites
IPM Collaborative Research Support Program
Global IPM Facility - FAO-Rome
Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook

Program Director:

Dr. Geoffrey Zehnder
Professor of Entomology & Coordinator
IPM and Sustainable Agriculture
E143 Poole Bldg.
Clemson, SC 29634-0310
864 - 656 - 6644


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