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Clemson Online is fully committed in making online courses accessible for all students by removing the barriers between students and learning. Through compliance with Federal accessibility laws and requirements, Clemson Online provides faculty with the resources and tools to ensure full accessibility for all students. In collaboration with Student Accessibility Services, Clemson Online works with stakeholders to ensure materials and course content are equally delivered and published in the online learning environment. Clemson Online is also committed to providing faculty with user development and guidance tools for captioning and accessibility programs available to ensure Federal accessibility requirements are met.

Accessibility Self-Check Tools

While developing your course and course materials, if you want an estimate of your content’s level of accessibility, consider using the automated, accessibility-auditing tools below. Each link will take you to a user guide for the respective tool.

Accessibility Auditing Tools
Program AssessedAuditing Tool
Canvas UDOIT
Microsoft Office Built-in Accessibility Checker
OpenOffice/LibreOffice AccessODF addon
Google Docs Grackle Add-on
Adobe Acrobat DC Built-in Checker
Web Pages WAVE*

*There is a WAVE web site where you can submit URLs to be audited and there are WAVE web browser addons that can be used to get around password protection.

There are many other accessibility checkers available (especially for web pages), so if these do not suit your needs, use your preferred search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and/or app store to find one that will.

Accessibility Tools & Video Resources

In addition to the Accessibility Self-Check tools provided above, Clemson Online has prepared guides for do-it-yourself video captioning and an Overview Resource for Video Captioning

Captioning Requirements & Services

Faculty are now able to caption videos and other multimedia products used in online courses by utilizing the resources and guides for the programs listed above. However, Clemson Online also offers support for captioning and transcribing audio used in online courses through our partnership with captioning service vendors. The use of third-party captioning services through one of Clemson Online’s contracted vendors is at a cost to faculty, unless the course is developed under a program agreement with Clemson Online or an ENCORE Certified course. However, Clemson Online has provided several captioning program options with help guides to make this process user-friendly and free for faculty to do on their own. Additionally, under agreement with Clemson Online, faculty will be paired with a Clemson Online Digital Learning Strategist who will help ensure Canvas course design meets accessibility requirements. To request captioning services by one of the Clemson Online vendors at a cost or to request assistance with Clemson Online course development, please complete the online Request Captioning & Course Development form and a representative from Clemson Online will be in contact within 48 hours, excluding weekends or holidays.


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