The research and outreach for Clemson University Public Service Activities is overseen by the following administrators.

Download the PSA organizational chart (PDF File, 78KB).

Pam Ardern, Program Leader, 4-H Youth Development

Pam Ardern
Program Leader, 4-H Youth Development
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George Askew
VP Public Service & Agriculture
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Tom Brant

Tom Brant
Program Leader, Forest & Natural Resources
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Matt Burns

Matt Burns
Program Leader, Livestock & Forages
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Brian Callahan

Brian Callahan

Associate Director of Extension
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Dr. Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole
Director, Regulatory Services
Department Head, Plant Industry
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Thomas Dobbins

Thomas Dobbins
Extension Director
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Gene Eidson, forum organizer and director of restoration ecology at Clemson; Photo by Peter Kent

Gene Eidson
Director, Institute of Computational Ecology
Director, Center for Watershed Excellence
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Patrick McMillan Director, South Carolina Botanical Garden

Patrick McMillan
Director, South Carolina Botanical Garden
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Steve Meadows
Director, PSA Program Integration
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John Mueller
Director, Edisto Research & Education Center
Program Leader, Agronomic Crops
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Julie Northcutt

Julie Northcutt
Program Leader, Food Safety & Nutrition
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Boyd Parr, DVM

Boyd Parr
Director, Livestock-Poultry Health
State Veterinarian
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Chris Ray

Chris Ray
Director, Experiment Station
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Boyd Parr, DVM

Calvin Sawyer
Program Leader, Water Resources
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Matt C. Smith

Matt C. Smith
Director, Pee Dee Research & Education Center
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Powell Smith

Powell Smith
Program Leader, Horticultural Crops
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Skip J. Van Bloem

Skip J. Van Bloem
Director, Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology & Forest Science
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Garland Veasey Director, Research Farms

Garland Veasey
Director, Research Farms
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