Dr. Susan Barefoot

Chief Operating Officer, Clemson University Experiment Station, Clemson Public Service Activities

Associate Director, Life Sciences and Food Systems
Program Leader, Food Safety, Nutrition and Health

Degrees Held:

A.A.S., Wilkes Community College
B.S., Food Science, North Carolina State University
M.S., Food Science (minor, Microbiology), North Carolina State University
Ph.D., Food Science (minor, Microbiology), North Carolina State University

Research Interest:

Dr. Barefoot focuses on state and national food safety, health and food system issues.


Dr. Barefoot has programmatic oversight over Clemson’s Extension food safety and nutrition professionals.

Dr. Barefoot is co-PI and project manager for the $5.6 million NOAA-funded SC Shrimp Fisheries Assistance project and was PI for the multi-investigator, multi-institution proposal for a SC Research Center of Economic Excellence in Molecular Nutrition.

In over 24 years at Clemson, she has served as major advisor to 6 Ph.D. and 20 M.S. students conducting research on food preservation/safety issues and on antimicrobial proteins produced by food fermenting bacteria. She has authored or co-authored more than 90 published articles, chapters and abstracts and three patents.

She is co-Chair of the SC Interagency Food Safety Council and immediate Past-Chair of the Southern Region Agricultural Experiment Station Directors. She serves on the Council of the National Agricultural Biotechnology Council, the Board of Directors of the Food Industry Association of South Carolina and the Executive and Operations Committees of the South Carolina Nutrition Research Consortium.

Publication Highlights:

S.F. Barefoot, Y.R. Chen, T.A. Hughes, A.B. Bodine, M.Y. Shearer, and M.D. Hughes. 1994. Identification of a protein that induces production of the Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteriocin lactacin B. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 60 (10): 3522-3528.

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B.J. Juven, S.F. Barefoot, M.D. Pierson, L. H. McCaskill and B. Smith. 1998. Growth and survival of Listeria monocytogenes in vacuum-packaged ground beef inoculated with Lactobacillus alimentarius FloraCarn L-2. J. Food Protect. 61: 551-556.

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Barefoot, S.F. and D.A. Grinstead. 1997. Process for inhibiting the growth of bacteria using bacteriocins produced by Propionibacterium jensenii strain ATCC 4872. US Patent Number 5,639,659. June 17, 1997.

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