Research Solutions

New directions in research The Clemson University Animal Co-Products Research & Education Center (ACREC) is dedicated to advancing the science and technology of animal co-products and the rendering process.  Read more >>

Finding value in DAF sludge ACREC Director Annel Greene and John Harden of the Clemson Environmental Technology Laboratory are leading a team that is conducting an exploratory study to determine the chemical and microbial nature of dissolved air flotation (DAF) sludge.  Read more >>

Fighting hazards with bacteriophages Dr. Xiuping Jiang, Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition leads a team that is working to isolate bacteriophages against spoilage microorganisms responsible for production of hydrogen sulfide ... Read more >>

Optimizing production of biofuels Professor James G. Goodwin Jr., Chairman of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and his team are investigating methods of optimizing production of biofuels from animal fats to protect the environment...  Read more >>

Improving feed potential of tallow  Dr. Thomas Jenkins of the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences is investigating improvements to tallow for use as a dairy feed ingredient. Read more >>

Exploring growth-promoting extracts Dr. Thomas Scott, Professor of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, and his team are studying bioactive supramammary lymph node proteins and growth factor activity.  Read more >>

Destroying the avian influenza virus  ACREC Director Annel Greene is working ... to investigate the heat dosage required to destroy the avian influenza ... Read more >>

Looking for protein-derived antioxidants  Dr. Feng Chen, Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, is working to find natural antioxidant materials from rendered animal products.  Read more >>

Determining biodiesel energy costs  Dr. David Bruce and Dr. Dora Lopez, both chemical engineers, are studying the energy life cycle of making biodiesel from rendered animal fats.  Read more >>

Isolating antimicrobial compounds  Dr. Paul Dawson, a Professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, is leading an effort to isolate antimicrobial compounds from animal co-product extracts.  Read more >>

Controlling Salmonella with bacteriophages  Dr. Xiuping Jiang, Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, is investigating new methods for controlling Salmonella in rendered animal co-products.   Read more >>

Ensuring accurate bacterial counts  In another multidisciplinary project, Dr. Annel Greene along with microbiologist Dr. Thomas Hughes ...are working to develop accurate methods for enumerating bacteria in high-fat rendered animal co-products.  Read more >>

Creating new geostructural polymers  Dr. Amod Ogale, Professor of Chemical Engineering, is investigating ways to create new geostructural polymers from animal co-products.   Read more >>

Measuring the industry’s carbon footprint  Dr. Charles H. Gooding, Professor of Chemical Engineering, is working to determine the carbon footprint of the rendering industry and its individual processes.  Read more >>

Creating biodegradable plastics  Associate Professor Igor Luzinov, a polymer chemist in Clemson University’s School of Materials Science and Engineering, leads a team that is working to make plastics from animal co-products.  Read more >>

Validating temperatures inside cookers  Dr. Annel Greene along with Dr. Richard Figliola of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. William Bridges Jr. of Experimental Statistics are collaborating to map the temperatures inside a commercial rendering cooker.   Read more >>