Controlling Salmonella with bacteriophages

Dr. Xiuping Jiang, Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, is investigating new methods for controlling Salmonella in rendered animal co-products.

Bacteriophages are unique viruses that can affect only certain species of bacteria. Dr. Jiang is seeking bacteriophages that will destroy Salmonella. Bacteriophages could be added to rendered products to protect against Salmonella, to incoming raw product to reduce Salmonella before it arrives at the rendering plant, and as an aerosol within the rendering plant to prevent recontamination of product and for worker safety.

Bacteriophages have been used for bacterial control and as a form of therapy since long before the discovery of antibiotics. Bacteriophages are approved for food use and offer an alternative for reducing bacterial populations without the problems associated with antibiotic resistance.