New directions in research

The Clemson University Animal Co-Products Research & Education Center (ACREC) is dedicated to advancing the science and technology of animal co-products and the rendering process. With financial support from the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF), ACREC researchers are finding solutions and creating opportunities for new products, new processes and new directions.

The following project summaries show the breadth and cross-disciplinary nature of ACREC’s work. Our scientists and engineers are exploring innovative methods of controlling microorganisms, developing new applications ranging from biofuels to biodegradable plastics, and addressing other challenges and opportunities identified with input from FPRF members.

This diverse research program has grown significantly since FPRF, a not-for-profit organization comprising several affiliated companies, approached Clemson University with the concept of founding a research center dedicated to the study of animal co-products. Clemson administration and faculty recognized that such a unique, collaborative enterprise would complement existing programs. With the addition of an educational component and with financial support from FPRF, ACREC was established in October 2005 and held its Dedication Conference in March 2006.