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Rebuilding Programs

Rebuilding Ag and Natural Resources Programs

Recurring request: $1.3 million

Clemson University’s six Research and Education Centers (RECs) and campus-area farms provide science-based solutions that directly support South Carolina’s $42 billion agribusiness industry through research in crop production, disease and pest control, sensor-based irrigation and nutrient management, forest and wildlife management, and cost-effective food production.  PSA funds provide facilities and basic operating structure that enable talented scientists and staff to secure grants and external funds. Expanding agribusiness in S.C. requires scientific advancement aimed at developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies to sustain the environment, increase efficiency and maximize on-farm income. This funding will provide core operational support to Clemson research that propels teams of scientists and Extension Agents to engineer innovative technologies that meet the needs of current and emerging farmers.

Rebuilding Statewide Extension Programs

Recurring request:  $1.5 million

Funding shortfalls mean that 41-percent of South Carolina’s 46 county Cooperative Extension Offices must remain closed to constituent assistance at least part of each business day. Furthermore, Cooperative Extension Agent travel and operating dollars were reduced by 60-percent in 2008. The requested funds will allow Clemson Cooperative Extension to ensure it serves the needs of all the citizens of South Carolina regardless of county of residence during regular business hours, and will strengthen Cooperative Extension’s reach and impact by supporting critical hires in row crop, agronomy and livestock production; 4-H youth educational programming in forestry, wildlife management, water resources management, and equine and animal science; food safety staffing to meet new federal laws; forestry management, and invasive pest control; and wildlife and fisheries management, all critical to the continued prosperity and well-being of South Carolinians.