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Water Resources

Understanding South Carolina's Water Resources: Quantifying capacity, quality, and impacts of drought, flood, and usage.

Water Resources Research, Management, 
and Technology

Recurring request: $2.5 million

In conjunction with on-going university programs and other state agencies, Clemson PSA will provide analytical capabilities, scientific and engineering expertise to conduct initial baseline evaluations of the state’s river basins, support technical and educational components, develop solutions, and disseminate unbiased, research-based information to South Carolina citizens and key policy makers. The requested funding will be used to secure additional expertise and program support to unify the individual programs into a complete and integrated Water Resources Program that will provide tools and information to state and federal agency collaborators as they implement sound water-based policy making to ensure that South Carolina’s most vital natural resource is managed to meet the needs of future generations.

Facility Renovation for Water Research

Nonrecurring request: $7 million

The requested funding will allow Clemson PSA to renovate and upgrade Clemson University’s Environmental Toxicology (EnTox) Building to support an expanding team of water resources experts who will provide science-based data collection and analytical capabilities to understand South Carolina’s water resources. The 34,0000-square foot building includes laboratory and meeting space and is an ideal near-campus location for research, monitoring, analysis, and technical instruction. Additionally, the landscape includes opportunities for research that correspond with community needs in managing polluted runoff affecting S.C. waterways. The building, if renovated, will serve to unify staff, conduct virtual meetings, on-site trainings, and webinars with partnering universities, and create capacity for more collaborative research supported by grants and private funding. Specifically, the requested funds will be used to:

  • $5 million: Renovate EnTox Building
  • $1.5 million: Laboratory Equipment
  • $500,000: Field Equipment