- Anticipated Changes - SC NPDES General Small MS4 Permit (download 102KB, pdf)
This document attempts to identify and briefly summarize important changes anticipated in the new NPDES General Permit for small MS4s (hereafter, MS4 Permit) for existing permittees, as some activities and timelines differ for new permittees. BASED ON PUBLIC NOTICE VERSION, ISSUED 3/3/11.


Includes instructions on how to build and maintain a rain garden, as well as plants appropriate to each zone in South Carolina.

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  1. Download Compressed File of SC Rain Garden Manual (2.47MB - pdf file) This download is recommended for older computers and slower Internet connections.

  2. Download High Resolution File of SC Rain Garden Manual (13MB - pdf file)  This download will produce highest quality resolution, but will require a fast Internet connection and a fast computer processing speed.

- Rain Garden TRI-FOLD BROCHURE (download): includes plant options and brief instructions for rain garden implementation specific to the lowcountry. (267KB, pdf) 

- Rain Garden ARTICLE (download) featured in Lake Murray-Columbia, June 2008 (1.7MB, pdf)

- Rain Gardens - Right as Rain ARTICLE , by Bill Blackston, LCSC (53KB, pdf)

- PLANT PALLETTE (download) (587KB, pdf) for rain gardens in SC, developed by Fuss & O'Neill

- Rain Garden ARTICLE "Saving for a Rainy Day", by Marguerite Porter Bishop featured in the SC Wildlife magazine, May / June 2011 (2.2MB, pdf)




Includes step by step instructions and additional information on rainwater harvesting at the homeowner level. Three designs are presented, all using 55-60 gallon recycled barrels. 

- How to Build a Rain Barrel HANDOUT (download)
, LCSC Rain Barrel Workshop, March 2010 (3MB, pdf)

Rain Barrels and Rain Catchment Systems: What are they and why are they important? ARTICLE, by Marguerite Porter, PCSC (201KB, pdf)

- Rain Barrel ARTICLE "Harvest the Rain", featured in the SC Wildlife Magazine, May / June 2011 (1.3MB, pdf)




- Pet Waste & Water Quality ARTICLE (download), by Mary Nevins, Clemson Extension (4.3MB, pdf)

- Pet Waste & Water Quality TRIFOLD BROCHURE (download) (3.1MB, pdf)




- Leaf Litter Tips for Proper Yard Debris Disposal HANDOUT (download) - example provided is for the Florence Darlington Stormwater Consortium. (2.5MB, pdf)  Also provided in Spanish at this link. 

- Lawn Watering Tips & 9 Principles of Environmentally Friendly Landscaping ARTICLE (download) (126KB, pdf)

- Landscaping - Spruce up for Spring ARTICLE, By Marguerite Porter, PCSC (524KB, pdf)

- Mini Manual on Using the SC Low Impact Development Atlas, By Katie Giacalone, Carolina Clear (3.5MB, pdf)



- Community Associations and Stormwater Management: A Coastal South Carolina Perspective (9,202 KB, pdf)

- General stormwater awareness BILLSTUFFER - example provided is for the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium. (129KB, pdf)

- Cartoon BILLSTUFFER on stormwater awareness (193KB, pdf)

- 4H2O Classroom ARTICLE featured in Lake Murray-Columbia, August 2008 (649KB, pdf)

- Stormwater AD SERIES (436KB, pdf)

- Riparian Zones – Working for You and for Water Quality ARTICLE, By Katie Giacalone, Carolina Clear (1.1MB, pdf)

- Septic Systems: Out of Sight should not mean Out of Mind ARTICLE, By Katie Giacalone, Carolina Clear (217KB, pdf)

- Mini Manual on Using the Watershed Stewardship Online Mapping Tool for SC, By Katie Giacalone, Carolina Clear (3.1MB, pdf)



- Stormwater Ponds – Purposes and services of stormwater ponds ARTICLE SERIES, By Ben Powell, Clemson Extension (119KB, pdf)



- Final Report of the Statewide Task Force on RIPARIAN FOREST BUFFERS (349KB, pdf)