2013 Rain Barrel Art Review

painted rain barrels
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Call For Artists:

The Florence Darlington Stormwater Consortium is proud to present the Rain Barrel Art Review.  This project challenges local artists to use their artistic talent to educate the community about the benefits of rain barrels.  Finished barrels will be displayed at the Pecan Festival on November 2, 2013 in downtown Florence where visitors will vote for their favorite.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Following the festival, the barrels will be displayed at various Florence businesses and organizations and auctioned online with proceeds supporting local water education and protection efforts.

To Participate:

  1. Complete the Rain Barrel Art Review Application.  Forms must be received by Friday, September 13.
  2. If more than 10 applications are received, 10 will be selected.  Selected artists will be notified of acceptance no later than Friday, September 20.  Artists must pick up barrels from the Florence County Extension Office the week of September 23.
  3. Finished barrels are to be returned to the Florence County Extension Office the week of October 21.

Decorating Your Barrel:

The artistic theme for the competition is "Water Connects Us".  Each participating artist will receive:

  • 1 pre-assembled white or blue plastic 
  • 2 cans of white primer for basecoat
  • 2 cans of clear sealant as topcoat

Artists are responsible for providing all other paints and materials.  Once the barrel has been primed, any paint can be used.  All materials must be suitable for long-term outdoor use.

What Happens To The Finished Barrels?

All barrels must be dropped off at the Florence County Extension Office the week of October 21.  At this time, barrels become property of Clemson’s Carolina Clear program and said program has sole discretion over their use.

Completed barrels will be featured on the Florence Darling Stormwater Consortium website with artist’s biography and interpretation of barrel design. 

Barrels will be  judged at the Pecan Festival on November 2 in downtown Florence.  Judging will be according to popular vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Prizes will be awarded.

Following the festival, barrels will be displayed at various Florence businesses and organizations and auctioned online to support local water education and protection efforts.


Clemson Carolina Clear Rainwater Harvesting Manual:  Information on rain barrels and rainwater harvesting, along with instructions for making your own rain barrel.  

Stormwater and Watershed Interactive Classroom Lessons: Free interactive whiteboard lessons developed by Clemson Carolina Clear for use in your classroom.

Florence Darlington Stormwater Consortium Website:  The Pee Dee’s Stormwater Education, Outreach and Public Involvement Program from Clemson Carolina Clear.

Carolina Clear Website: Information on preventing stormwater pollution throughout South Carolina.

City of Lincoln Artistic Rain Barrel Program: Information about the artistic rain barrel program hosted by the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and the City of Lincoln’s Watershed Management Division.

City of Philadelphia Mural  Arts Program:  Information about a rain barrel art program to be utilized on the Philadelphia Water Department’s rain barrels.

 Entries and Winners

1st Place - Winter Moore 2nd Place - Northwest Park Community Center 3rd Place - Barnes Street Teen Program Jordan Blackman
rain barrel by Winter Moore rain barrel by Northwest Park rain barrel by Barnes Street rain barrel by Jordan Blackman
Jana Goss Holly Beaumier Levy Park Youth Center Maple Park Afterschool Participants
rain barrel by Jana Goss Rain barrel by Holly Beaumier Rain Barrel by Levy Park Rain Barrel by Maple Park


Canines for Clean Water

Pet Waste Mascot

Canines for Clean Water was created to encourage citizens to be responsible pet owners and to protect our waterways by properly disposing of pet waste.  When left on the ground, bacteria, viruses, and parasites found in pet waste can be transported directly to creeks, streams, and rivers through stormwater runoff.  As you can imagine, that can have negative impacts on water quality and human health.  Picking up after your pet is not just a courtesy, it's the healthy and environmentally sound thing to do.

Storm Drain Marking

Storm Drain Marker Image


The FDSC is looking for volunteers to mark storm drains in the City of Florence, City of Darlington, Florence County, and Darlington County.  Storm drains lead directly to waterways so it is important to warn people not to put anything down a storm drain.  Your group can help by marking storm drains in your neighborhood.  We will provide your group with the markers, adhesive, safety vests, and educational door hangers.  For more information about the storm drain marking program, contact Terasa Lott.


Education ProgramsPhoto of kids testing water

The FDSC offers educational programs for children and adults including schools, civic groups, youth groups, HOAs, garden clubs, and water quality interest groups.  Programs are offered free of charge.  For more information, contact Terasa Lott.