Regional Consortiums & Carolina Clear Communities Activity Database

This database will be used to record, track, and report on education and outreach activities of all Carolina Clear-related Consortiums statewide. Thank you for helping us keep track of all of our outreach activities!  This information that is entered will be used to develop the annual report, as well as determine effectiveness, coverage, achievements and impacts.

Entries in the database should be completed by the lead service provider that spearheaded the reported effort. To enter information into the database, you must have a login as described by your local Carolina Clear team member. Also, before entering information, please have available details of the outreach activity that includes number of people, date(s), target audience and target pollutant, and geographic target. Explanations of each database field are provided to maintain consistency within this activity reporting system.  Photos may also be uploaded from a URL.  Please be sure that permissions have been received for use of that photo.  The check box within the database will serve as your agreement to this.

For more detailed instructions, please click here to download the guidance document (150KB, pdf).

NEW!! If you are having trouble with your log in and access to the database, click here for new Frequently Asked Questions.

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