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Storm Drain Marking
Only rain down the storm drain! Let your neighbors know that storm drains go straight to streams and rivers by volunteering to mark the drains in your community. Click here for details.

Litter cleanups
Litter in our streams can harm fish and wildlife, and decrease water recreation, which hurts our local economy. Be part of the solution by doing your part at one of our stream cleanup events!

Rain barrels
Start saving up your rainy days by building a rain barrel for your home. Rain barrels catch water from roof that can be reused, saving you money. Keep an eye on our calendar for a workshop near you.

Winning video screenshot

Congratulations to the first place winners of the Sumter Stormwater Solutions Stormwater Video Contest, Ms. Landreaux’s first grade class from Crosswell Elementary School. Click here to watch the winning video.

Y5 ReportSSS Annual Report of Activities
Year 5 / Nov. 2012 - Oct. 2013

Sumter Stormwater Solutions is pleased to announce the completion of the Year 5 Annual Report.  This report details public education, outreach, involvement and participation programs conducted from October 2012 through September 2013. Thank you to all of our partners who made this fulfilling year of activities possible!

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