Banner Image - We all live downstream; stormwater and watershed interactive classroom lessons

These lessons have been developed and adapted by a curriculum developer and science teacher and are being made available FOR FREE for your classroom use. The three lessons and the SC Science Standards they meet are identified below. Each lesson also has a companion INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD activity.

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Because of the focus on water cycle and ecosystems in both 5th and 7th grade curriculum, there are ways that these lessons can be modified to enhance learning for both grade levels.

  • Head for the Hills: Students pretend to be SC highlanders living on the tallest mountain in the mid 1700’s. They will find the different routes to get to SC’s early port cities without crossing rivers. Students will model how topography affects water flow.  As a result, the students will understand that high topography serves as a boundary separating one watershed from another.

  • A River Runs Through It: In this lesson, students will “develop” a parcel of land along a stream or river in order to generate income.  They will later learn that their parcel is connected to other parcels along the river’s way to the sea.

  • Tag a Toxin: In this game of tag, students will model and learn how pollutants are accumulated and passed from prey to predator in a freshwater food chain.
    SCIENCE STANDARDS: 5-2.4, 5-3.6

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