2009-2010 Campaign

The “Goldfish” campaign hit television first, with requested public service rotations in the Grand Strand/ Pee Dee, Lowcountry, and Midlands local channels. View the commercial for the Midlands below.

To pair this visual education effort with what citizens of South Carolina would be hearing and seeing on the roads, the “Goldfish” video was also made into a radio-ready format and distributed to radio stations for requested public service rotations.

The script for each is as follows…
“There is a limited supply of clean fresh water, just like in this fish bowl.  When you leave motor oil on the ground, rain washes it into our storm drains and ditches, into rivers and lakes, and eventually into our drinking water supplies.  The same thing happens when you over-fertilize your lawn or allow soil to wash away.  And when you don’t pick up after your pet, well you get the picture.  Remember:  we ALL live downstream.”

Measurable results of the television and radio airings are best estimated below (as persons 18 and older):
•    Radio in the Charleston area: 157,806
•    Radio in the Grand Strand: 82,863
•    TV bonuses in the Charleston area:  up to 146,500 households
•    TV in the Grand Strand:  78,234
•    TV bonuses in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee: up to 184,267 viewing households
•    TV bonuses in the Midlands: up to 185,111 viewing households

Next, in the winter and spring of 2009, the “Goldfish” hit the highways with billboards featuring a goldfish jumping out of a polluted fish bowl. The image for the billboard stayed consistent across regions of the state, with only a difference in consortium logo. An example is shown below.

Photo of Campaign Billboard

A total of 11 billboards were produced and some continue to be on display in the Pee Dee and Upstate. In all, it is estimated that more than 518,000 people viewed those billboards.

Locations of the "Nobody wants polluted water" billboards.

(Use the map below to click on the thumbtack for more information, and utilize the +/- sign to zoom in and out of the map.)

View Mass Media Billboard Campaign 2008-09 in a larger map